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Dec 03 10
Bellocan Marksman
i was wondering how you get to ariant thanks....
Maple Story: why no one sell 6% dex Cra gear?!?
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Dec 03 10
Khaini Buccaneer
you take the boat(a genie) from orbis
Dec 03 10
Broa Blaze Wizard 3
Go to Elliania and take the ship to orbis Orbis (either directly or via Eerve). Then take the ship from Orbis to Ariant. There is also an NPC in Perion (the guy in the upper left) who will just teleport you to Ariant if you do a quest or something like that.
Dec 03 10
Mardia Evan 9th Growth
Take the ship to Orbis from Ellinia and from there the gypsy thing to Ariant. Or, do the quest from Manji in Perion. But be warned. If you want to get back to Victoria Island you have to pay 10,000 mesos to Karcasa who is in the map two maps to the right of the town.
Dec 03 10
Zenith Buccaneer
Take a genie.

Lol, if this was anything else, we would all be trolling you but since this is Maple...

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