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were the heck is snowman

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ok so i just got back to all the big bang nonsense but were the heck is the entrence to vally of snowman.... its not were it used to be and afnosfoaf im very frustrated so if anyone knows could u let me no thanks
Posted: December 2010 Permalink


MrMission Level 81 Bera Chief Bandit
Yeah its hard to find these things now... I dunno that but PM me please if you know: Post-BB, what map contains the door of dimension for theives 3rd job advancement?
Dec 09 2010
ye everything is freakin lost its driving me nuts but will do add shoottookill to buddy thats my main now
Dec 09 2010
mlsxxx13 Level 113 Bellocan Crusader
I read that I tried to comprehend what your were trying to spell.... Yeahh... I'm dumb. :I
Dec 09 2010
I'd like to know where snowman is too. I can't find it anywhere D:
Dec 11 2010
ballermaniac Level 50 Broa Brawler
Lol, just found it. Top left of sharp cliff 1. and it can also spawn in sharp cliff 3 or something
Dec 21 2010
ballermaniac Level 50 Broa Brawler
I mean the old hidden street map is at the top left of sharp cliff 1. But it ALSO spawns in sharp cliff 3 or something NOT in a hidden street
Dec 27 2010

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