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Help, can't download game and enter website!

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Hy guys, Im unable to install maplestory, i cannot enter the website to ask for help, however i can only visit the NGM download page. When I download the downloader and run it, it just says "Installation complete" in like 2 seconds, but I don't have maplestory installed. I deleted my previous maplestory but I don't have it on my computer. Also how come I can't enter Thanks for the help guys!
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If you have loopback adapter, disable it
Dec 09 2010
What do you see?

If you previously had maplestory already installed, uninstall maple and then re-install.[/quote]

Nothing it takes a while to load, and after, it just says unable to open. I don't have maplestory on my computer tho.
Dec 09 2010
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aethynyc Level 117 Scania Marksman
Have you tried it on a different browser? Firefox, Chrome, IE.
Dec 09 2010
it keeps saying you have been disconnecteD from the login serve HELP!
Dec 09 2010
aethynyc Level 117 Scania Marksman
it keeps saying you have been disconnecteD from the login serve HELP![/quote]

Lol you are off topic.
Just relog every 10 minutes. The server's just busy.
Dec 09 2010
thanks, i was scared, and i wish i could post a new thread..but it says im new or something. -__-
Dec 09 2010

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