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Bigbang - Cleric Training Spots ?

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Hi I am lv.57Cleric 1Heal KO Scarrow (220exp) the spwn is pretty good.

How long do I need to train in scarrows coz its getting boring...

Plz stat lv ~ lv and what place ~ monster.
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Dunno what scarrows is, but it seems like you're doing well with them... I'm guessing dead scarecrow at haunted house.

Stick with em til 60, then Sea of Fog PQ til 80.
Dec 10 2010
Sea PQ is SLOW 60k per win and people dont play. /quiting after 1~2 games.
Am lv65 now any zombie ideas?
over 220 exp
Dec 10 2010
Just wanna know, do you have any good equips or just normal equips to 1HKO with heal?
Dec 10 2010
Sea PQ just got patched, used to be 300k per win =
Dec 10 2010
xaznxprydex Level 110 Windia Phantom 3
Just wanna know, do you have any good equips or just normal equips to 1HKO with heal?[/quote]

I can sometimes 1hko with heal and sometimes 2hko. I always 1hko with holy arrow (don't bash me for having it)
Dec 10 2010
you could try to train on Hoodoos and Voodoos if you can hit them.
its kinda hard to find a empty room so maybe try the library o-o
they're lvl 60 you can find them in the haunted house in Sophilia's Bedroom or the library
Dec 24 2010
futakeye Level 177 Windia Bow Master
Well.. i was there till lvl 70.. so gl with it xD.
You could try out jesters with a party around lvl 65 or so.
Dec 24 2010
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