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Dec 11 10
Galicia Evan 7th Growth
Disclamer: All info comes from spadow
I did take some quotes from him and will remove them at his request.
Tell me if I have any typos or if I posted anything wrong
thanks have a nice time

The Chaos update: the second big bang....
in this update huge things happen: sub classes, pet forging, arans are powered up, and more
1) Return of the Hero
General reorg.
making aran and Evan stronger
2) A Technological Age.
5 "subclasses"
you can choose 2 when you reach lvl 30
here are the subclasses, officially "professions"
  1. Herbalism: Collect herbs, flowers and seeds in maps. With that, you can make herb oils, items and potions. With herb oil and ores, you can create equipment.
  1. Mining: Use the metals and jewels that you have mined to make items, potions and ores.
  1. Equipment Forging: Use herb oils and ores to forge a lot of defensive armor and weapons.
the items you make in this Profession (and maybe some of the others) are totally customizable, we don't know how it works yet.
  1. Jewelry Making: Use herb oils and ores to make accessories. (rings, belts, necklaces etc.)
  1. Alchemy: Use herb oils and refined ores to create your own potions and equipment items. You can also break items.
these "skills" level up by them selves and do not use skill points.
3) The Huge War
PVP! yes its true direct pvp in maplestory...
- Survival: Battle without restrictions and rules.
- Team Match: Battle with teams.
- Ice Knight: One person gets chosen as Knight and the other players need to survive from the Knight.
lvl 140 equips(not maple)
lvl 160 area called ”Door of the Future”
it shows a non-visitor future (mabye only KMS as t would cause discrepencys in the GMS storyline)
Basicly a remake of the maple world in a war, with someone
Spadow has a pic of what looks like Ladie Cygnus.... tainted by the black mage maybye.

all of the info after part one is unconfirmed as it has not been released in KMST yet
The professions in the A Technological Age update are NOT new classes, you can choose two of them after level 30, and you have to stay with them.

XTRA INFO ALERT! this is all speculative and is not confirmed any where!:
New hero?
pet maker?

All and all Maple is becoming much more runescape like:
chat filters
and more
MapleStory Screen: Ice knights forever!
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Dec 11 10*
Well, It really doesn't cause descrepancies in the GMS storyline, considering how it never happened.
Allow me to explain.
Because you stopped the OSSS from coming to the future, the visitors never ran out of crystanol, so they never invaded the past, so the visitor event never happened, thus that part of the storyline never existed. That's the most simple way I can explain it, as if I go any further as to explain more, it would be VERY confusing
MapleStory Screen: Merry maplemas!
Dec 11 10
Broa Night Lord
above Is there any place I can get a full timeline of our MapleStory world? I'm very curious in knowing all these things :]
Dec 11 10
Khaini Kaiser 1
MapleStory Screen: My comp setup MapleStory Video: [MMV] Follow Me Down~KiuchiKiss
Dec 11 10
Bellocan Night Lord
Looks great
MapleStory Screen: My first pap solo
Dec 11 10
Bera Marksman
MapleStory Screen: Giant maple tree

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