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Level 100 training

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Where should I train my level 100 Marauder? I'm currently at Gallos and its starting to slow down and i was wondering if pirates / ghost pirates would be faster?
Any suggestions?
Posted: December 2010 Permalink


gallos are the best if u train alone with no ksers
Dec 14 2010
And that happens once, maybe twice in a life time?
Dec 14 2010
lucky you're in bello.
scania = non stop ks wars at gallos and truckers...
if a 13x trains at gallos post BB i doubt it's that slow at 100.
i train at a 9x monster and get 2% a min. gallos give a lot more than that so if you consider that slow. you never had a post-bb char.
Dec 14 2010
MuffinsINC Level 210 Reboot Hayato 4
gallos are slowing down.... wait what?
im at 112 and i find death teddies to be faster then anything i was at before BB, and death teddies arent nearly as fast as gallos
Dec 14 2010
If you're complaining at gallos NOW, with the EXP they're giving you, I don't think you're fit to play MapleStory, LOL.
I'm struggling at these..what're they called...death...something something in Ludi. They give 2051 exp.
I refuse to train at gallos, It's like cheating to train there.

Gallos are your BEST bet.
Dec 14 2010
CIeavage Level 150 Windia Dark Knight
Try Pirates in Mu Long
Dec 14 2010
i got a marauder but dayum its hard to train at gallos -.-
cant even get an energy charge up SOOOO i train at
either Kru (pirate things), goby+bonefish , death teddy
Dec 15 2010

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