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Level 140 Training Areas

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The title says it all! I'm level 140 and looking for a decent training area since i'm quite confused now that big bang is out.
All suggestions are welcome and it'd be nice if you can include an approximate %/hr as well as your range and how many hits it takes to kill the monster, that'd be great. : ) sorry if there was already a thread made about this, i couldn't seem to find any.
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Your pretty much screwed as in terms of quick leveling. From 140-166 you'll be crawling your levels unless you have incredibly high tolerance for grinding. Options are Skeles and ToT. Skeles should take you 2-3 hko's and usually get 5-10% per Half hour and for ToT it depends what map you are on just dont go on the map that has monsters higher than your level. And the EXP ratio is still the same. The best possible Exp leveling is go boss runs such as Zakum or Scar theyre quite easy to kill and they give ok exp espically for the short time you kill them.
Dec 18 2010
There's a post-BB training guide in the "Big Bang Forum". It's the green bar at the top of the Basil home page. Click it, and you should see some stickies for "Post Big Bang Training Guide".

Good luck! I've been training at Miner Zombies. Lol.
Dec 18 2010

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