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GUIDE: Wild Hunter: How to get your jaguar and ride on it

MapleStory Forums : Wild Hunter : Talk about the Wild Hunter class

Dec 21 10
First off, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I am new and I didn't know where to put it so I just put it in the wild hunter section. GUIDE:                                                                               Alright, this guide is for all thd wild hunters that can't figure out how to get their jaguar mount. First, you have to do all the required quests. Next, use the invitation the headmaster gave you. Then, talk to the wild hunter person ( the one on the right ). Accept everything, and you are now a wild hunter! You should have recieved many things. First, equip the crossbow that she gave you. Now, go to the place with the jaguars that can be " tamed ". Now, get one of them to lower than 50% hp, and use your capture skill ( you start off with it ). Which ever one you capture, thats the one that you get. You have now captured your jaguar, however you are not done yet. Put one SP on the jaguar rider skill. Now, use that skill. Congratularions, you are now riding on your very own jaguar! I hope this guide helped all you wild hunters out there!
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New thread Replies
Dec 21 10
Scania Dark Knight
thx for congratularing me for getting my jaguar
Dec 21 10
Galicia Blade Lord
Thx for making this thread because there have been at least 10 people ask me where to get the jaguar and its kind of annoying now. >
Dec 21 10
No problem
Dec 22 10
DemethosGMS Shadower
Hey can u give us tips on our WHs?
Dec 23 10
Poopfaction3 Ima make another guide soon, I'll give tips in that one.

animals73 Well, you wouldn't believe how many people everyday asked me how to get their wild hunter jaguar.
Dec 23 10
quablo I'm sure a few of them do, and this is meant for helping those people. I might make a youtube vid on it to help those other people who need help out there.

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