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lvl 90-100 training?

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since gallos and vikerola's exp have been nerfed, im stumped on where to train.

im fine with grinding, i just dont know where? help?
and what abou pq's and other things? any other alternative?
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I went from 90-97 in 3-4 hours
Dec 23 2010
umm this is kinda nooby but
how do u get to mp3
Dec 23 2010
ok, get ticket from irene in kerning city.

that brings you to cbd

from there talk to audrey and click the 1k mesos city

then go to the left portal, you will end up in boat quay town.

go to the way right portal, keep going right until you reach mp3
Dec 23 2010
whats the exp at mp3?
Dec 23 2010
i trained at Riods, about a level per 25-50 mins form 93-98[/quote]
How, I'm a level 92 Ranger and it takes me an hour and a half to level there, WITH HS.
I'd like to know how you did this...
Dec 23 2010
costosito Level 136 Windia Demon Slayer 4
@kintarben: uhmm idk? im a marauder i mob faster; but yeah i trained there since lvl 90 im 99 now.
Dec 23 2010
@costosito : Well, I mob well too, I don't know maybe its because you can sweep back and fourth faster haha well.. good for you
Dec 23 2010
Roids/Neo Roids were really fast for me from 90~95 and I'm what you'd call a slow mobber.
Questing in Magatia and Mu Lung is great exp as well, usually 5%+ a quest and none are hard.
Also the Tae Roon and King Sage Cat quest chains in Mu Lung give 15 and 17 fame at the end
Prolly gonna do MP3/Gallos from 95~100 >;D
Dec 23 2010

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