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BaM lvl 50-60 BEST training spot/pq?

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Dec 25 10
I know there are a lot of threads about this, but there never seems to be a direct answer. What do you guys think is the FASTEST way to get from 50-60 on a BaM? I dont really like scarecrows since its always crowded... please list some places or pqs that got you to lvl 60 really fast. Thanks!
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Dec 25 10
Windia Kanna 4
Don't know about best, but I did:

40something-54: Stairway to the Sky 1 (the map past Garden of Red 2 in orbis)
55-60: Drakes
Dec 25 10*
The fastest spot are be Scarecrows if you can find a ch to train alone (they're the new Truckers now).

Alternative spots would be Drakes, Pink Teddies, Panda Teddies, Toy Trojan, Bloctopus, King Blocktopus.
Dec 25 10
DemethosGMS Phantom 4
try dark fission, oly oly. they are really good for exp
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Dec 25 10
Broa Kaiser 4
Look at my guide, its pretty much as direct as it gets. I rate it from 1-5 5 being highly recommended.
Dec 25 10
how do you get to dark fission, oly oly?
Dec 25 10
Scania Shadower
50-55 drakes
55-60 trojans
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Dec 27 10
for 60-70, is the best and fastest way pirate pq?

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