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How do you equip 2 pets at once?
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Dec 31 10
Broa Paladin
I know this is a noob question but could someone shed some light?
Dec 31 10*
Zenith Mechanic 2
Edit : mistake
Dec 31 10
Scania Aran 3
that wasnt his question -___-. But yeah I dont know the answer, sry...
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Dec 31 10
you need to buy the pet food in the cash shop.
Dec 31 10
Khaini Priest
i believe u just drop them like how u take out 1 pet u do the same to the other by dropping
Dec 31 10
Broa Shadower
there used to be this quest you have to do by talking to the pet trainers
Dec 31 10*
Arcania Battle Mage 4
I believe there is a quest and you have to use the pet food as mentioned above.
I'm not sure who gives the quest though.
Dec 31 10
Broa Paladin
No I tried dropping pets and dragging to equips but it doesn't work.
And I don't know what buying pet food will do to help me take them out.

Does anyone know for sure?
Dec 31 10*
Khaini Evan 9th Growth
Pet Snack in the Cash Shop (2.5k NX) and a quest from the pet masters.

Edit : I did the quest through Bartos in Henesys Pet Park, I don't know if it's the same thing with the Ludi Pet Park.
Dec 31 10
Broa Paladin
Alright thanks.

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