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Jan 04 11
Bera Hero
Hey guys, I am a lvl 142 Icelit mage, and I was wondering where to go for mesos, I do a little over avavage damage, and I do not care about exp, only meso, tho it must be hunting monsters, I cba merching to be honnest.
I've been searching for good mobs, and I was thinking gobys or squids for their cape/earring drop, but I really dont know where I should go for meso.

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Jan 04 11
Bera Priest
Gobys and squids are a good place, like you said they drop earrings and capes which may turn out potentialed if you're lucky.
I'm not sure but I'd recommend wolf spiders?
They give you 1k meso for each kill and they drop ilbis and various crystal ore's.
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Jan 04 11
Windia Luminous 4
for lower levels like mine i used to go to leprechauns in nlc cuz for their level on 2x drop they drop about 1.5-2k or so for both bodies
but cuz you're a lvl 142 icelight i have no idea. . .
Jan 04 11
Bera Thunder Breaker 2
Bone fish, They Hidden potentialed Earrings or Cape and Sell them 5m ea on your shop.
Jan 04 11
Bera Hero
Thx for the input, i'll check the gone fish @ hidden then see which is best.
Jan 04 11
Scania Aran 4
leprechauns are inmune to ice
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Jan 04 11
Khaini Blade Recruit
Cwk Exchange.

Up to you
Jan 04 11
Scania F/P Arch Mage
nibelung, oh wait...
solo griffey for the mastery books if u dont already have ice demon. then kill the kents around while u wait.
Jan 04 11
Windia Wind Archer 3
lordshadow: leprechauns are inmune to ice

Doesn't matter with Elemental Decrease activated.
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Jan 04 11
Bera Hero
Cwk Exchange, what is that?
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