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Ultimate Adventurer Informational post.

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NOTE: I know this is in the Cygnus Knights section. There is no section for Ultimate Adventurer related posts.

What is an Ultimate Adventurer?

Ultimate Adventurers are something that people with a level 120 Cygnus Knight can create. Unlike Cygnus Knights, they have a level cap of 200.

Why bother making an Ultimate Adventurer?

Because they're an Adventurer with a Cygnus Knight skill. There are some limitations, though. First, I'll say what Ultimate Adventurer class gets what.

Warriors: Soul Driver.
Archers: Wind Piercing.
Thieves: Vampire.
Pirates: Shark Wave.
Mages: Flame Gear.

This means you cannot have a Bishop with Soul Driver. You cannot have a Thief with Shark Wave, and so on and so on. Let's say you have a level 120 Dawn Warrior. Most people ask "Does this mean I can only have a warrior Ultimate Adventurer?" No. Any level 120 Cygnus Knight means any kind of Ultimate Adventurer. This means you can have a level 120 Night Walker and still be able to make a Cleric Ultimate Adventurer. However, you can only have ONE Ultimate Adventurer per 120 Cygnus Knight, so choose wisely. If you are unsatisfied with your Ultimate Adventurer and delete him/her thinking you can make another one, you can, as long as you have/make another level 120 Cygnus.

What comes with making an Ultimate Adventurer?

First, the Cygnus skill corresponding with the class you make. You also get two skills. One is the Empress' Strengthening, which allows you to wear equipment 10 levels higher than your current level. The other is the Blessing of the Empress, which has a master level of 24. Every 5 levels on your Cygnus Knight gives a SP into this. Although, in order to have an Ultimate Adventurer, the skill HAS to be maxed.

How do you make an Ultimate Adventurer?

When you have a level 120 Cygnus Knight, and have an open character slot, you will get a quest from Empress Cygnus, allowing you to create the Ultimate Adventurer. This quest requires you to collect 10 Periodots which drop from the monster Haf in Leafre. This will reward your Cygnus with three skills and the ability to make the Ultimate Adventurer. Ultimate Adventurers start at level 50, with Empress' Strengthening, the Blessing of the Empress, and also the Cygnus skill. When you create your Ultimate Adventurer, he comes with neat level 60 equips. Because you have the Empress' Strengthening skill, you can equip then as soon as you start. The first level 60 equip is your weapon. The next is a set of unique equips. I am unsure of the stats on the equips themselves, but I can tell you the set bonuses.

4 Pieces of the set equipped: +100 HP and MP
+50 Weapon and Magic defense.

5 Pieces of the set equipped: +6 All stats (DEX, STR, LUK, INT.)
+5 Weapon attack
+5 Magic attack
+100 Magic and Weapon defense
+20 speed.

I believe you also get a level 80 set at level 70, however I am unsure. The last item on the list is a unique medal. The medal's name is "(Name of your level 120 Cygnus)'s Successor". It has really nice stats.

(Name of level 120 Cygnus)'s Succesor:
+200 HP and MP
+2 Magic attack
+2 Weapon attack
+10 Speed
+10 Jump

Extra things for NON Ultimate Adventurers.

Yes, there are things with the Ultimate Adventurers for you normal Adventurers. It isn't a cake walk, though.

Starting at level 70, all Adventurers will get a quest from their job instructors to collect 20 leaves which drops from Desert Rabbits in Ariant. THESE HAVE A EXTREMELY LOW DROP RATE. Most players don't even get ONE in several hours. Doing this quest will give your character the Empress' Strengthening skill, and allow you to then get a quest from one of the Cygnus job instructors. This is how it works:

Warriors go to Mihile.
Archers go to Irena.
Mages go to Oz.
Thieves go to Eckhart.
Pirates go to Hawkeye.

This is what happens when you get a quest from them: They will ask you to collect 10 orbs which are colored similar to the kind of job instructor they are. Example: Warriors collect orange/gold orbs. I do not know what drops these orbs, or how good the drop rate is. When you complete this quest, you get a Skill Point to put into a Cygnus skill corresponding to your class. Yes, normal adventurers can get Cygnus skills! This quest can be repeated every 10 levels, earning you 1 SP in the Cygnus skill each time. The Cygnus skill has a master level of 5.

I believe that is all. If anyone has anything they want me to add, please PM me and I will add it.

DO NOT GIVE ME CREDIT FOR ANY OF THIS INFORMATION. I took all of it from Spadow's blog and wrote it here to be helpful to all who are confused about Ultimate Adventurers.

EDIT: Thank you for reminding me, first poster. Everyone can get the Empress' Strengthening skill, according to Spadow's blog.

EDIT 2: Anyone who already has a level 120 Cygnus will be able to do this.

EDIT 3: In case any of you were wondering, everyone gets the Blessing of the Empress.

EDIT 4: I said earlier that all normal Adventurers need 10 levels to repeat the quest for the Cygnus skill, but it seems that isn't true. If your Adventurer is level 110 and up, you only need 1 level to be able to repeat the quest.

EDIT 5: A recent post reminded me, there are no limitations of what sub-class can get the corresponding Cygnus skill. There can be Corsairs with Shark Wave, Bishops with Flame Gear, Dark Knights with Soul Driver, etc.
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i am planing to open a paly with soul drive ; but i want to know what is easier : lvl for 51-120 blaze mage , lvl 0-120 other cygnos or to do the quest for the skill?
Jan 14 2011
i am planing to open a paly with soul drive ; but i want to know what is easier : lvl for 51-120 blaze mage , lvl 0-120 other cygnos or to do the quest for the skill?[/quote]

I have no experience with Blaze Wizards, so I can't help there. I've found leveling as a Wind Archer to be fast and fun. Although, that was with the godly Trucker EXP. I suggest NOT doing the quest, because you have to do a pre-quest the first time, which can take days. I still am unsure of the drop rate of the orbs you have to collect for the skill.

NOTE: The pre-quest is only for the FIRST time. Other than that, it's only the orb collecting quest. If I left that un-clarified, I just know someone would see it and ask about it.
Jan 14 2011
@StoneSpoon: Nooooo. D:
I want it to be out soon.
Van Leon is like months away.[/quote]

My guess is March April or May.
Jan 14 2011
So just trying to clarify, the only benefit UA's get is: CK skill right away, able to wear gear 10 levels higher, and start at 50. Where as regular adventurers can do the quest at 70 (even tho its annoying) and get the cygnus skill then?

Is leveling a cygnus 120 levels just for a UA going to really be worth it? Do they gain anything else?
Jan 14 2011
@serulin Did you read? There's much more than that. I honestly think having a unique medal that NO one else has is pretty cool, as well as the stats it gives.

@Ohhmai I can't tell for you if you think it'd be worth it. I'm honestly excited and I do think it's worth it.
Jan 15 2011
You'd also get the +24 Watt boost from the 120 CK.
Jan 15 2011
Akatsuki0826 Level 200 Scania I/L Arch Mage
how do you start the quest to learn the cygnus skill for normal adventurers? i tried talking to both Grendel and Oz, didn't give me anything and im pretty sure i didnt do it already
Jan 15 2011
Razmos Level 204 Khaini Kanna 4
how do you start the quest to learn the cygnus skill for normal adventurers? i tried talking to both Grendel and Oz, didn't give me anything and im pretty sure i didnt do it already[/quote]
It's not out yet. >_>
Jan 15 2011
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