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Stages of Mir's evolution.

MapleStory Forums : Evan : Talk about the Evan Mage class

Jan 12 11
ElNido Priest
I want to know at what lvls mir evolves?
One of the reasons i like evans so much is that the dragon evolves often. and im really looking forward to wen it looks cooler, like at 8th mastery.
so if anyone knows the layout, if u could please share?
thank you
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Jan 12 11
Galicia Evan 9th Growth
10,20,30, 50,60,80,100,120,160? I don't really remember
Jan 12 11
Bera Blade Acolyte
^That's pretty much it
Jan 12 11
ElNido Priest
are those the stages of evolution or mastery?
or are they tied together?
what i remember was that it evolved at:
10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 120
Jan 12 11
Khaini Evan 7th Growth
Check this guide. Right at the beginning, it has a table that answers your question.
Jan 12 11
Broa Evan 10th Growth
Jan 12 11
ElNido Priest
thank you for the information!
I'm kind of disappointed that it begins to look better at lvl 80, but hey, thats life.
and more reason to start its training earlier!

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