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Jan 19 11
Bera I/L Wizard
After you go into the hole as a Citizen (near the beginning). Talk to the girl and the cut scene should start with the doctor and the other guy (the one that you have to defeat for 2nd job).


At anytime while they are talking, press "End Chat". You are able to move now. Move to the left and an invisible wall should block you. How to get over it?
Jump over and then you can now talk to the bad guys like regular NPCs! They do not have speech patterns, but it is still heartwarming seeing them make fools of themselves saying that they hear something but don't see anything or anyone.

This glitch is used for entertainment only.
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Jan 19 11
Broa Assassin
Grats on the find.
Jan 19 11
Bera Battle Mage 4
Hahaha, I'll have to remember to give that a try
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Jan 19 11
Galicia Mercedes 4
envoyxp: You wanna know something else? You CAN bypass the Black Wing by climbing higher and walking horizontally on top in the escape, but the map leads nowhere.

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