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Jan 22 11
Broa Xenon 4
Okay, im sick of being KSd by mechs at twisted jesters. I'm a level 88 Wild Hunter, low funded.

How do I get to roids?
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Jan 22 11
Khaini Fighter
Go to Magatia in Ariant. Then look at the map and find Roids.
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Jan 22 11
Zenith White Knight
go to the president place in magatia (if thts the city,not the desert).
and then go all the way to the right and wen u see a white portal in a machine go in it
then jump down and go right
Jan 22 11
Khaini Demon Avenger 3
You could just check the map, or search it up. Go to the Alcadno building in Magatia, go inside the big cylindrical thing and find the C section.

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