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Jan 30 11
Khaini Zero Transcendent
Anybody know what drops WH skillbooks? More specifically marksman boost 20/30?
Jan 30 11
Scania Aran 4
nothing XD jks idk
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Jan 30 11
Khaini Zero Transcendent
Skillbook drops are so low post-bb
Jan 30 11
Scania Bow Master
werewolves drop mmb30
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Jan 30 11
Khaini Zero Transcendent
roflxnickxD: werewolves drop mmb30

Thanks, how about 20?
Jan 31 11
Bera Wild Hunter 4
Sharp Eyes 20: Blue Kent // Brexton // Scarlion
Sharp Eyes 30: Sr. Bellflower Root // Griffey

Sonic Roar 20: AF Android // Chief Memory Guardian
Sonic Roar 30: Master Death Teddy

Exploding Arrows 20: Mr Alli // Memory Guardian

Feline Beserk 20: Aufheben // Harp // Broken DF Android
Feline Beserk 30: Gigantic Spirit Viking

Marksman Boost 20: Cerebes // Griffey // Blood Harp
Marksman Boost 30: Werewolf // Zakum 3

Wild Arrow Blast 20: D.F. Android // Homunculus // Hankie // Site Bone Fish // Soul Teddy
Wild Arrow Blast 30: Bone Fish // Captain // Kru

Stink Bomb 20: Death Teddy // Rexton


Credits to iFlee
Feb 01 11
Bera Wild Hunter 4
peopleliveonear: Someone's been on GK.

Hah i thought i remembered that setup from somewhere
Feb 01 11
Khaini Bow Master
memory guardians also drop SE30
Feb 01 11
Scania Wild Hunter 4
MMB 30 is dropped by dual beetles and peach monkeys as well.

GL I hope your luck isn't as bad as mine. went through 6 MMB30s, while watching all the IRM hackers inflate book prices.
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