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Feb 20 11
Khaini Bow Master
Well i downloaded maplestory and so far its been 8 hours and its only 45% done and it still has 5 hours to go .... I was wondering if the download is just slow or if something is wrong with my computer. I downloaded it the way "If you have problems with the downloader, or would prefer to download it the old fashioned way 'click here'"
Has this happened to anyone else or is there something i need to download for my computer? Thanks !
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Feb 20 11
Scania Bow Master
your comp is just slow
Feb 20 11
Bera Shadower
For my computer it takes only like an hour for the whole thing.
Feb 20 11
Scania Dawn Warrior 4
1.) Depends where you are [Nexon is West Coast] so closer would be quicker.
2.) Depends on your internet, if you have terrible internet/bad connection it's slower.
3.) Depends how far you are from the modem, closer the better unless you're connected by cable
4.) Depends on your computer. <-self explanatory
5.) Depends what else you're doing on the computer, not doing anything else/nothing else open = quicker
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Feb 20 11
Windia Spearman
Would help to your ISP and the plan you are currently using.
Feb 20 11
Bellocan Kanna 4
Maybe your Internet is just "Light" instead of "High speed"?
I don't have high speed internet, and it takes about 13 hours to download maple, so...
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Feb 20 11*
Scania Kaiser 4
its always been 2 hours for me and im on east coast
Feb 20 11
Bera Bow Master
takes my computer around 1hrs .
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Feb 20 11
Zenith Bishop
took my computer 15mins but i would say the avg time is like 25 - 45mins
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