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My thoughts on best UA class combo

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Mar 01 11
Broa Dawn Warrior 3
I feel that f/p would be good since flame gear +mist at lvl 70 would mean an even higher DoT
What do YOU think the best class combo would be?
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Mar 01 11
Mardia Marksman
Fire + Poison DoT do not stack, sorry.
Mar 01 11
Broa Dawn Warrior 3
aw i hoped that it could
Mar 01 11
Windia Evan 7th Growth
Honestly, I'm just going for a UA to have the attack buff. The moves are nice and all, but they aren't spectacular - unless you're making a Buccaneer. Shark Wave would help them out since they are lacking in the quick-ranged-skill department. I assume most others are going to be going for the exact same thing.

So IMO, it would really just be Buc+Shark Wave.
Mar 01 11
Zenith Buccaneer
UA mages are not worth it.
I explained here why.

UA I/L not worth it since you have the ability to freeze sure you think you can burn them but note your fighting fire monsters so the damage won't really matter since your freezing will kill them fast!

F/P won't work since it does not stack as 1st post said.

Cleric won't 100% work I explained in the guide.
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Mar 01 11
Bera Demon Slayer 4
Shouldn't bowmasters be good, they would be the only bowman to get a powerful 1v1 attack (hurricane/WAB) and a powerful mob skill
Mar 01 11*
Zenith Buccaneer
Reading: Does Soul Driver work with Elemental Charges? If so...damn.

Soul Driver + Hero
Gets buffed with Advanced Combo by 200%.

Soul Driver + Paladin
Get buffed with Ice + Holy Charge by 149.5%, plus it freezes.

Soul Driver + Dark Knight
Gets buffed with Berserk by 160%. Ideal in combination with Dragon Roar.

Overpowered? Yes..


Reading: Personally, I'm making a UA Sniper.
I can't really saw anything here because the UA skill for archer family is still good for 4th job, you can KB bosses with it.
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Mar 02 11
Bellocan Bishop
What about Bishops with Flame Gear? Flame Gear the whole map then either use Tele Mastery or Genesis
Mar 02 11
Windia Dawn Warrior 3
To the troll that said UA thieves are totally useless.. Think of a Shadower with vampire? Vampire + Dark Sight = No HP Pots. No Hp Pots = Less money being used..
Mar 02 11
Khaini Blade Recruit
How about making a class for fun? :O
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