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how do you have more than one pet out?

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I know you need pet snack but where do you get it?
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iShotBunny Level 74 Windia Priest
You have to go to the guy all the way to the left of the map inside the henesys pet walking road. Do a quest (get to the top of the map) , and then he'll ask you for the item in exchange for the skill. That was pre-bb anyways... Kinda gave up on ms after that. Don;t play much anymore.[/quote]

Should be the same after BB, so this.
Mar 25 2011
somebody Level 200 Khaini Zero Transcendent
Pet Snack can be obtained in a special shop that uses a different type of currencies than mesos. And the entrance to the shop is located on the bottom right of your screen. Then search through the pet categories and then go to Pet Use.
Mar 25 2011
Thanks but i just found out UA dont share the CS storage with KoC so... im kinda screwed after I hit 120.
Mar 26 2011

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