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Mar 28 11
KradiaEMS Hero
whats better for Hero
lvl +71 shield with potential clean/low att (10-14)
or +20 att maple shield lvl 20 w/o potential
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Mar 28 11
KradiaEMS Bishop
6-10 extra attack on shield for maple shield.

If u are dexless, u got around 1000 clean str on 200.
6% str = 60str.
5 str = 1att.
So +12att.

So only 6% str is already better than those 6-10att.

And it can be 9% + 1 or 2 other lines.

So yea, potential = win.
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Mar 28 11
KradiaEMS Crusader
S>24att maple shield hammered c/o 4b.
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Mar 28 11
Bera Buccaneer
A potential shield with good potential stats and 6-10 attack like yu said would most definitely beat out the 20 atk maple shield, especially if yu get x% str! which was already stated above by another fellow mapler LOL! but yea hope that helped! (:
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Mar 28 11
KradiaEMS Hero
ok thanks guys for explain this to me
so i ll wait for potential and ill try cube a 3 lines shield
maybe will scrolled with 60% since i destroyed befor 2 shields from 1st try 70% F7

xjunkun idk if we will get aliens pq
but isnt after will be BB same pot for all +71 even vip items 9% max per line ?
Mar 28 11
KradiaEMS Bishop
I would recommend an level 71~120 shield, since we don't have VIP stuff yet... Just scroll with ATT for 14~20 ATT with 9% str, or if you can 15~24% str~!
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Mar 28 11
KradiaEMS Dark Knight
@ above you get 999 base str & 23 base dex at 200 unless you cba to waste AP reset on dex ofc.
and ye scrolled high lvl shield is better
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Mar 30 11
Scania Buccaneer
Depends on what the Potential is. Plus potential on sheild doesn't give ATT. I'd stick with the 20 ATT Maple Sheild.
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Mar 30 11
Bera Corsair
It depends on how much % str the potential is and how much str you have.

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