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shields and potential !

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whats better for Hero
lvl +71 shield with potential clean/low att (10-14)
or +20 att maple shield lvl 20 w/o potential
Posted: March 2011 Permalink


6-10 extra attack on shield for maple shield.

If u are dexless, u got around 1000 clean str on 200.
6% str = 60str.
5 str = 1att.
So +12att.

So only 6% str is already better than those 6-10att.

And it can be 9% + 1 or 2 other lines.

So yea, potential = win.
Mar 28 2011
A potential shield with good potential stats and 6-10 attack like yu said would most definitely beat out the 20 atk maple shield, especially if yu get x% str! which was already stated above by another fellow mapler LOL! but yea hope that helped! (:
Mar 28 2011
ok thanks guys for explain this to me
so i ll wait for potential and ill try cube a 3 lines shield
maybe will scrolled with 60% since i destroyed befor 2 shields from 1st try 70% F7

@xjunkun idk if we will get aliens pq
but isnt after will be BB same pot for all +71 even vip items 9% max per line ?
Mar 28 2011
kreeftje Level 182 KradiaEMS Bishop
I would recommend an level 71~120 shield, since we don't have VIP stuff yet... Just scroll with ATT for 14~20 ATT with 9% str, or if you can 15~24% str~!
Mar 28 2011
@ above you get 999 base str & 23 base dex at 200 unless you cba to waste AP reset on dex ofc.
and ye scrolled high lvl shield is better
Mar 28 2011
thephily341 Level 194 Scania Buccaneer
Depends on what the Potential is. Plus potential on sheild doesn't give ATT. I'd stick with the 20 ATT Maple Sheild.
Mar 30 2011
It depends on how much % str the potential is and how much str you have.
Mar 30 2011

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