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What to do with Evolving Ring?

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Hey guys, I only have one Evolving Ring 2 that is level 17, on my new Level 58 Aran. I was wondering if I should sell it to increase my damage? Can I get something better than 7+ All stats 5 Wep Atk with 100 mil?

Plus, I have a Level 12 Ring that's tradeable as well, if that affects the decision.
Thank you.
Posted: April 2011 Permalink


It depends on your current equips. Upgrading from an 8 Att WG to say a 10 Att WG would cost over 100m for only 2 Att. So it's more cost efficient than that. On the other hand upgrading from say a 92 Att Karstan to a 100 Att Karstan would cost around 50m for 8 Att. Also spending 100m on around 12% str (in total) worth of equips at Lv75-100 is more cost efficient. At the same time, if you're dexless you may need those 7 stats in the long run in order to equip an Arcglaive w/out sacrificing Str. If it were me I'd just keep it.
Apr 06 2011
Well, as it's new, my Aran only has a 1 Atk WG with 5 slots and a no slot 86 Atk Level 50 weapon. Help me again?

EDIT: I'm dexless.
Apr 06 2011
I would hold on to your ring because it is going to increase in value.
Apr 06 2011
If you sold it, you could get an 8 Att WG and a 100 Att Karstan (considering 92 Att Karstans are nearly free it's basically an increase of 15 Att at Lv64 compared to the ring which is maybe 6-7 Att worth (5 Att, 7 Str). It is better to sell it at the moment but in the long run it's better to keep it. I'm a long run type of guy so I'd keep it.

@Shawarma: Depressingly enough you can no longer make it tradeable. If it's on your main though you're in "luck" though because right now there is a "glitch" where you can where a Lv17 Evo II (Untradeable) as well as a Lv17 Evo II (Tradeable), so if you spend ~100m you'll get 10 Att, 7 Str, 7 Dex, 10 Speed, 4 Jump worth of rings for relatively cheap. They might mix this glitch though and you may end up losing your mesos so I wouldn't suggest it though.
Apr 06 2011
Shawarma Level 191 Demethos Bow Master
@4thJobSeries1: i got banned in my main when my ring was lvl 15 and i did the lvl 17 on my mule ... and didn't make it tradeable and that mule is only for Guild PQ =_=
Omg my friend will be mad ididn't tell him that and he got 4 rings untradeable... omg
Apr 06 2011
@Shawarma: That's harsh, that's like 130m down the drain if you combine the 2 rings. For your friend, if those are all Lv17's that's around 400m down the drain. The SC just finished though, maybe they fixed getting it tradeable w/ Gaga but I don't think it was a glitch, just Nexon's stupidity.
Apr 06 2011

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