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Apr 06 11
I know he's somewhere in orbis but where?
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Apr 06 11*
Scania Buccaneer
Ericsson - Orbis Park... I think
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Apr 06 11
Scania Evan 6th Growth
Yeah, click him then you have to press JUMP button until you get there.
Apr 06 11
Ty i just got there
Ty first poster
Apr 06 11
Go all the left,go through the portal,talk to Ericcson,he's right by Moppie, you will then need to FLY up to Chryse.
Apr 06 11
do u need to be under lv 75 to get there?
Apr 06 11
talk to that greece guy (he has a kat on his head and angel wings) in orbis park
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Apr 06 11
Bera Evan 10th Growth
Can finally train my 5x characters.
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Apr 06 11
Broa F/P Mage
I went to Chryse on my lv 70 TB and was doing the quests and stuff, BUT when I lvl up to 71, the NPCs stopped giving me quests because I was over 70.. I wonder why the place is lv 50-75 if you can't event enter the mammoth maps without doing all the quests first..
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Apr 06 11
Windia F/P Arch Mage
PepperCrab: You know TS, your name really suits you. Don't you know how to read what is already on maple's website?
Ever stop to think maybe he's asking for another character..? One that's under the level limit..?
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