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Apr 12 11
hey is there and scroll for gloves for attack quests?
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Apr 12 11
Subaru's legacy...something like that.
Apr 12 11
Scania Shadower
yes the one in nlc, in the big tower from john or jack barracade
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Apr 12 11
Windia Night Lord
Isn't there one in ludi as well o-o
Apr 12 11*
Subani's Legacy (Lvl 36) --- GFA 60%
ReVersal (Lvl 40) --- GFA 70%
Peace At Eos Tower (Lvl 40) ---- GFA 60%

that's all the gfas i think, but many other quests give great scrolls.... i got a 15m scroll (30% for shield for attk) from Lam Wants to See the World (Lvl 85)

there's the link
Apr 12 11
is there anymore other than these?
Apr 12 11
Scania Hermit
ye there is, theres a lot more GFA scroll quests but the other ones tht havent been mentioned r the ones where its not 100% that you r going to get the GFA, its like 7 other scrolls randomized as prizes.
Apr 12 11
The Peace At Eos Tower quest is no longer lv40, it's around level65~80 now.
Apr 13 11
Scania Night Walker 3
also if you do jane the alchemists quests at the end you either get a 10% or 60% gfa
Apr 13 11
think jane and the wild boar and one in kft but forgot the quest name
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