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Scroll for Glove for Attack 60% Quests

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hey is there and scroll for gloves for attack quests?
Posted: April 2011 Permalink


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Subaru's legacy...something like that.
Apr 12 2011
Yukito9298 Level 199 Windia Night Lord
Isn't there one in ludi as well o-o
Apr 12 2011
is there anymore other than these?
Apr 12 2011
heaVINsent Level 84 Scania Hermit
ye there is, theres a lot more GFA scroll quests but the other ones tht havent been mentioned r the ones where its not 100% that you r going to get the GFA, its like 7 other scrolls randomized as prizes.
Apr 12 2011
The Peace At Eos Tower quest is no longer lv40, it's around level65~80 now.
Apr 12 2011
cdennis170 Level 81 Scania Night Walker 3
also if you do jane the alchemists quests at the end you either get a 10% or 60% gfa
Apr 13 2011
Subaru's legacy...something like that.[/quote]

I lol'd at Subaru. that's a car company right? I think it's called subani's legacy? not 100% sure
Apr 13 2011
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