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Maple won't go full screen :l

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So I recently built a computer and I'm having trouble getting Maple to run full screen.
Video card - Asus GeForce GTS 450
Monitor - Vizio VM230XVT
Help? :l.
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i also have an Asus.... G73 i think idk i dont really care.
but i also cant go full screen. i just got used to windowed mode. that was my solution
Apr 17 2011
FULL screen, and I have the same problem (I think) because I can't see my EXP bar, boss HP bar, and Lv.
Apr 17 2011
alt enter or ctrl enter i forgot i think its alt enter [/quote]

I tried that.
It basically took window-mode and added blackness around it to make it look like it's taking up the whole screen.
I want it to just go completely fullscreen. :l.
Thanks anyways!
Apr 17 2011
what resolution the monitor has?[/quote]

1920 x 1080 (1080p)
The video card is also set to 1920 x 1080, and they're connected via HDMI cable.
Apr 17 2011
@xFeZz: hm, then ive no idea, sorry :[[/quote]

Thanks anyways, =).
Apr 17 2011
Well that happens to me but when I play on laptops. Just saying
Apr 17 2011
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