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KMS Gold Stamps and Silver Stamps

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Well KMS took the same concept as Premium Miracle Cubes I guess... The Gold Stamps have a 80% Chance of adding an extra line and the Silver Stamps have a 50% chance of adding a line. Im not 100% sure but my cousin (who can read korean) told me that if you want to buy it, you need to buy it with a pet. He told me that the package is about 20$(?).

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Go read Spadow's blog. Thats KMS, GMS has already implemented Premium Cubes at a cheaper price.
May 05 2011
Thats an awful strange link you have thar
May 05 2011
Uhm, i don't think you have to buy them with a pet. I'm pretty sure they were just a bonus to that pet package.
May 05 2011
Strange? That's a popular kms forum lol.
May 05 2011
timmyla90 Level 204 Bera Blade Master
Strange? That's a popular kms forum lol.[/quote]

Umm.. We do not play KMS so we arent familiar with that website/forum hence making it strange?

-1 common sense
May 05 2011
jimmyjxia Level 123 Windia Hero
Umm.. We do not play KMS so we arent familiar with that website/forum hence making it strange?

-1 common sense[/quote]

It's popular enough so that any customer of Nexon Games with ANY knowledge at all about Korean versions will recognize the site.

It's like the Basilmarket/sleepywood/hidden-street of GMS.
May 05 2011
Stamped the seal of the current in-game items you get the general contents include not only the cache at all shops in the limited package, "stamped the seal of vouchers" are selling the fit. "Hallmark of the tensile coupons" This is a bonus, but in fact is not true. The price of an existing multi-pet 9900 was won, 14,900 won, the existing multi-pet package came today, but 14,800 is the price of Unicorn Multi-Pet, the price of this package is $ 19,800. More acts are more expensive multi-pet that is not even a circle 4900 that by inserting a unicorn meoltipet package is priced to sell imprint of the imprinting will look at that.

Translated from the bottom of the images on the site
May 05 2011
sl3athOwl Level 200 Windia Shadower
is it just me or do the broken glasses have 4 lines?[/quote]

That's probably extra info like PAC's saying "An Adventurer's Cape" or SCG's saying "A Relic Worn by the ancient stormcaster..."

or saying that you can SoK them
May 05 2011
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