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papulatus issue because of medal

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iskono4ever Level 207 Khaini Night Lord
got problem with papulatus , dropped my papulatus medal from the etc tab by wrong , was dropping something but it went wrong with the medal , is there anyway to get it back ?
Posted: May 2011 Permalink
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VivaLaPastel Level 204 Khaini Night Lord
Redo the last part of the quest you'll get it back my friend does it everyday
May 20 2011
Bolty102 Level 200 Yellonde I/L Arch Mage
Gotta wait like 72 hrs for the quest to reset so he can give you a new one.
May 20 2011
Wait 24 hours and you'll get a quest to get a new medal and piece of crack.
May 20 2011
iskono4ever Level 207 Khaini Night Lord
ok thanks guys
May 20 2011
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
i droped mine too.. but you can redo the quest..
May 20 2011

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