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May 29 11
in msea , can i enter the haunted mansion?and how do i enter
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May 29 11
I need to know that too
does it say something like
"you cant enter. a mysterious force blocks your way"
to you too?
May 29 11
It is only open during the halloween period.
Don't know if it would be open this year's halloween, though.
May 29 11
KradiaEMS Battle Mage 4
Yup the mansion can only be entered during halloween events!
Try training at other places :S

Also try to get the mansion opened all year long! Super awesome training spot!
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May 29 11
Delphinus Battle Mage 4
Unfair >
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May 30 11
if masteria map is fully opened, then we can go crimsonwood keep and haunted house and do pq there (:
May 30 11
Er...we can already do cwkpq in msea
May 30 11
But then how come GMS people have it all year long?
May 30 11
Bera Wind Archer 4
icywarrior4: But then how come GMS people have it all year long?

Because ours is an expansion to NLC, and we created it.
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May 30 11
ya but global take the whole sg and my map including the bye bye station
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