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Improve one thing about the avatar above you!

MapleStory Forums : Fashion Corner : Talk about NX, MS Fashion and names

Jun 05 11
Arcania F/P Arch Mage
Yea, choose one thing to change about the avatar above you! ...or, if it's perfect, then don't change anything at all
Feel free to post pics of the changed look-bannedstory is back~it's amazing 8D, or even stick the person's avi in ms paint and draw one thing weird on it!

Remember, this is a fun thread, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so think of it as an exchange of styles.

Let's start!
Mr.'re beautiful, but I just realized how bushy your eyebrows are. o-o I shall change that.

EDIT: Wow! haha going on our 100th page
EDIT2: 200th page Thank you everybody for your posts!
MapleStory Screen: Screencap
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Jun 21 11
Arcania F/P Arch Mage
Wow, never seen this overall look it's like the terminator/sailor moon o-o lmao! I'd say get a different's just to much of a letdown after seeing all the unique cash shop items!
MapleStory Screen: Screencap
Jun 21 11
Scania Marksman
^ LOL you're right. Now every time I see her post, you're going to remind me of sailor moon and terminator. Great =3=

I'd change the shirt.
MapleStory Screen: At the basil park
Jun 22 11
Windia Paladin
The eyes...
Jun 22 11
Broa Blade Specialist
The hair
Jun 22 11
Bellocan Luminous 4
Aran look o_o, I don't like it but i have no suggestions
MapleStory Screen: Wat an epic face
Jun 22 11
Scania Shadower
er d weapon.?
Jun 22 11
Khaini F/P Mage
Your gloves?
Jun 22 11
Scania Blade Recruit
The eyes
MapleStory Screen: Olivia chair w/ friend & other thing
Jun 22 11
Arcania F/P Arch Mage
You're perfect.
MapleStory Screen: Screencap
Jun 22 11
Windia Mercedes 4
Just the tail. Otherwise, perfect!
MapleStory Screen: Virtue's earrings - 40 m.atk Nexon Video: Ad annie pentakill
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