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MP3 Monsters and EXP

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Hey, many people are telling me that I should train around 87+ at MP3, I checked at HS and saw that the EXP there is lower than jesters (which have 100+ exp more and less HP).
So whats the big deal there? whats making MP3 be crowded and famous?
Posted: June 2011 Permalink


The spawn is AMAZING. I'm also pretty sure they have less Hp then Jesters. I get a level every 35 to 50mins at level 97 on my Wind Archer. It depends if I get a full map or have to share. Full Map = more exp.
Jun 08 2011
spawn is much better than jesters. Less expo but more kills overall which would give you more expo in the end
Jun 08 2011
The spawn at MP3 is one of the top 5 in the game compared to the much worse spawn at jesters due to the absolutely terrible map they are in.
Jun 08 2011
Kiyoshiro Level 110 Zenith Wind Archer 3
great spawn and monsters are in singapore which means more exp for their lv
Jun 08 2011
Once you experience Mp3 the spawn at Jesters sucks.
Jun 08 2011
They provide a place for you to rage about the lack of cc's
Jun 08 2011
SPAWN in mp3 will give you over more exp than you can ever get from TJ...TJ's just there for you to grind till 90...mp3 till 115 =) but i have my own trainin spot that gives me more exp than mp3 =)
Jun 08 2011

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