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Profession Skill Guide

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This is a short mini guide to new update: Profession Skills.

*Note: Still Under Construction

What is Profession Skills?

Profession Skills are special skill you can learn starting from level 30. You can learn two skill at a time. There is 5 different skill you can choose from. You could also give up on the skill to learn a new skill, but you will lose all your experience from that skill. Max level of each skill are 10, higher the level more chance of succeding on crafting.

-Herbalism (able to gather herbs and create oil.)
-Mining (able to mine rocks and create plates.)
-Smithing (able to create different kinds of equips.)
-Accessory Crafting (able to create different kinds of accessories.)
-Alchemy (able creates different kinds of potions using herbs.)

To learn Alchemy it requires Herbalism Skill
To learn Smithing it requires Mining Skill
To learn Accessory Crafting it requires Mining Skill

Requires Exp to Level is..

Level 1 to Level 2: 500 exp
Level 2 to Level 3: 1200 exp
Level 3 to Level 4: 2100 exp
Level 4 to Level 5: 3200 exp
Level 5 to Level 6: 4500 exp
Level 6 to Level 7: 6000 exp
Level 7 to Level 8: 7700 exp
Level 8 to Level 9: 9600 exp
Level 9 to Level 10: 11700 exp

How to reach Ardentmill


You can go to Ardentmill through certain portal located at almost every town.
The portal will have a book at the top of them.



Mining NPC: Cole

Herbalism NPC: Saffron

Accessory Crafting NPC: Intaglio

Smithing NPC: Gere

Alchemy NPC: Ally

Chief NPC: Grant

Recipe Seller NPC: Ramsey and Angelica (Male sells Equip, Accessory Recipe and Female sells Alchemy recipe)

Merchant NPC: Nack (Sells various items needed for Profession Skills.)

Mining and Herbalism

Mining and Herbalism are two out of five Profession Skills. These skills are the base of other three skills. Mining able you to mine ores located on monster map and allow you to create plates. Herbalism able you to collect herbs located on monster maps and allow you to create oil.

To mine and herb collect it requires certain equip.

Mining - Pickaxe
Herbalism - Shovel

You can buy these from the merchant (Nack) located in Ardentmill.

Required Ores to make plates + Mold:

2 Ores Requirements: Silver, Orihalcon, Amethyst, Opal
3 Ores Requirements: Steel, Sapphire, Adamatium, Bronze
4 Ores Requirements: Mithril, Emerald, Gold, Dex Crystal, Topaz
5 Ores Requirements: Power Crystal, Diamond, Aquamarine
6 Ores Requirements: Dark Crystal, Black Crystal, Lidium, Wisdom Crystal, Luck Crystal

Mine and Herb Quest

Soon as you learn Mine/Herb skill you will get a lightbulb from Cole or Saffron. They want you to collect certain item. If you have mine skill he want you to get (special ore), if you have herb collecting skill she wants you to get (special herb). Head to the portal located at Ardentmill (bottom right corner)

Go back to Cole or Saffron after collecting Faded Silver Ore or (special herb). Another quest should appear, this time they want you to create Faded Silver or (special oil). To create those item you need to get Faded Silver Ore or(special oil) and Basic Mold (Mine) or Low Grade Oil Bottle (Herb Collecting). You can buy those two item from the Merchant. After creating Faded Silver or (special oil) go back to Cole or Saffron to end the quest. You will be rewarded with a bag. You can store ores, herbs, materials in that bag.

Mine Hill and Farm

After the latest patch you can access to Mine hill and Farm. Mine hill and farm is full of rocks and herbs you can collect.
Head to the portal located at Ardentmill (bottom right corner)

In order to go in you need to purchase a pass from the merchant.

-Novice Mining Pass
-Intermediate Mining Pass
-Novice Farm Pass
-Intermediate Farm Pass

When you go into the portal you will get two choices, novice or intermediate. Choose top option for novice and bottom option for intermediate. Also remember that you can go into mine hill or farm once a day and there is 10 minute time limit. This is best place to farm herbs and ores (also best way to get your personality traits up.)


Fatigue is weariness for your profession skill. When you reach max fatigue you can't do anything for awhile. You can increase you fatigue by mining/gathering and crafting.

-Mining/Herbalism takes 1 fatigue.
-Crafting with Accessory Crafting, Smithing, Alchemy takes 1 fatigue.
-Combing takes 3 fatigue.

You can also decrease your fatigue with 2 different ways:

-Your fatigue will go down by 5 per hour.
-You can buy a pot from a npc in meister village to lower your fatigue.
-You can buy Fatigue Reset Coupon in Cash Shop for 2,500 NX.

There is two different kinds of Fatigue potions. Small fatigue potion heals 5 fatigue points for 300,000 mesos. Large fatigue potion heals 10 fatigue points for 1,000,000 mesos. You can only drink each fatigue potion three times a day.

*Note: Red Bar is your Fatigue and Blue Bar is your Profession Skill Exp

Personality Traits

There is 6 different personality in your profession skill window. Ambition, Empathy, Insight, Willpower, Dilligence, and Charm. These personality has all different buffs.
Max Personality Exp you can get per day is 500 except Charm which is 5000.

Ambition - chance of ignoring monster defense, pvp damage increase, chance of losing less exp.
Empathy - increase max MP, chance to get more exp from quest.
Insight - Increase accuracy, avoid, and able to find hidden potential without magnifying glasses.
Willpower - Increase max HP, increase physical defense, increase magic defense.
Dilligence - Increase success of a scroll, chance of getting double exp for profession skills.
Charm - Pocket Item, Rewards NX face expressions

You can increase those buffs by leveling them up. You can level them up by...

Ambition - Killing bosses (Dojo doesn't count)
Empathy - Herb collecting
Insight - Mining, using magnifying glasses
Willpower - Party Quests completion, Staying Online
Dilligence - Crafting items (10 from mining and herb. 50 from Equip, Accessory, Alchemy)
Charm - Equipping NX/Speical items(if your already wearing them re-equip), Fame

You can also get them through special potions and quests. Certain Party quest gives different personality.

Pocket Item

When you reach lvl30 charm, you can start pocket item quest. Go talk to Big Headward (?) in Henesys Hair shop. He want you to get rose from herb collecting (Idk for miners.) Get Rose and talk to Big Headward to earn pocket item slot. You can get Pocket Items through a merchant located in Henesys Market or from PvP.

Face Expressions

When you reach lvl35 Charm you will get your first face expression quest.

Level 30: Talk to Lina after completing Pocket item quest. Then go to talk to Chief Stan in Henesys for "Constant Sigh" face expression.

Level 35: Your quest will start at when you reach level 35 charm. Go to Kerning Square and talk to Lana (the one with glasses and white coat.) Collect 350 Curse Eye Tail and talk to Cygnus Quest NPC at Ellinia for "Whoa Whoa" face expression.

Level 40: When you reach level 40 charm go back to Lana for your second quest. Go to Ellinia and talk to Betty right after. You have to answer something choose the 3rd option "搬去秦 林技咯! (Merry Me please) for "Panicky" face expression.

Level 45: Talk to Lana once more and head to Chef in Nautilus. Just talk to him for "Queasy" face expressiom.

This is known face expression for now, I'm pretty sure there are more.

Personality Trait Medal

When you reach certain levels of personality, you will get quest to get yourself special medal.

Ambition Medal: STR
Insight Medal: INT
Willpower Medal: HP and MP
Empathy Medal: Speed and Jump
Charm Medal: LUK
Diligence Medal : DEX


In order to make certain items it requires recipes. You can either buy from the NPC or hunt monsters to find them. Some recipes can't be bought. If it requires recipes to create, it will have some kind of scroll picture beside the name. Generally All level 100+ equips requires recipes except for certain special items. All recipes expires in certain ways.

Arrows/Potion Recipes - Expires after 24 hours
Android Heart Recipe - Never Expires
Rest of Recipe - Disappear after being created (either success or failure)

Here is a link to Recipe Droplist:

Forging Materials

[i]Coming Soon!~~~[/i]
(this will take load of rooms so this will be posted, if this guide get stickied.)


Alchemy skill ables you to create different variety of potions and only skill to create item crystals without extractor. You can also diassemble equips to get monster crystals, and combine two same equip. Must be Herb Collector to become a Alchemist.

You can create:
  • HP potions/pill
  • MP potions/pill
  • Buff potions
  • Transform potions
  • Extractor

Disassembling: Like Maker skill, you disassemble equip for item crystal. There is four different kinds of item crystals, 40~60 (beginner) , 70~90 (intermediate), 100~120 (advanced), 130+ (premium). Level of item disassemble will produce the item crystal in those level range with bit of chance of getting one higher ranked item crystal.

EX: If you disassemble a level 80 thief top, you will get intermediate item crystal or advanced item crystal.

level 1 Alchemy: Disassembles Equips under level 50
level 2 Alchemy: Disassembles Equips under level 70
level 3 Alchemy: Disassembles Equips under level 90
level 4 Alchemy: Disassembles Equips under level 110
level 5 Alchemy: Disassembles Equips under level 130
level 6 Alchemy: Disassembles Equips Any level

Combining: When you combine two same equip it will turn unidentified with certain percentage and stat will be random.
*Note: If you get cool it worked, good it failed

level 1 Alchemy: Combines Equips under level 30 (Requires 1 Rock)
level 2 Alchemy: Combines Equips under level 70 (Requires 2 Rock)
level 3 Alchemy: Combines Equips under level 120 (Requires 3 Rock)
level 4 Alchemy: Combines Equips Any level (Requires 4 Rock)

Extractor Machine

Through Alchemy skill you can create Extractor which allows any players to dissemble items. All Machine have different settings. Extractor can only dissemble up to certain level of equips and order to disassemble you need to pay. (Green one is 50 and under, Blue is 90 and under, and Purple is 200 and under) You can usually find them at Channel 1 FM or Channel 1 Ardentmill.

  • Note: Person who created Extractor Machine will make money out of people who paid to use your machine.


Smithing ables you to create different kinds of equips. You can create hats, tops, overalls, bottoms, shoes, gloves, capes, weapons, shields, blades, mechanic equips, dragon equips, arrows, throwing stars, bullet, ANDROID. Equips goes level40 through to level 130. You must be a Miner to learn Smithing.

You Can Create:
  • Hat
  • Overall
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Shoes
  • Cape
  • Android
  • Weapons
  • Shields
  • Consumables (Stars, Bullets and Arrows)
  • Dragon Equips
  • Mechanic Equips


Androids are special character that follow you around everywhere. To summon a Android you need Android and a heart which can be created through Equip Forging. You can command your Android just like pet and they will do certain face expression.

Here is some of the commands (I do know about GMS version, but here is Korean's to get the idea):

快馈 : Queasy
荤尔秦 : Goo Goo
快客 : Sparkling Eyes
磺磺 : Smoochies
せせ : F2
ばば: F4
-_- : F5
擎 : F7
Changing Channel : Wink

You can also equip them NX clothes, and change their hair and etc.

Acceossry Crafting

Accessory Craftingables you to create different kinds of accessories. You can create belts, earrings, rings, face accessories, pendents, shoulder pads. Equips goes level 40 through to level 130. Must be a Miner to learn Accessory Forging.

You Can Create:
  • Earring
  • Face Accessory
  • Shoulder Decorations
  • Belts
  • Rings
  • Pendent


Q: Do we still have Maker?
A: No Maker Skill have been removed.

Q: Is Monster Crystal Any use now?
A: No, monster crystal is replaced by item crystal so its useless.

Q: Where can I get Extractor Recipe?
A: Buy from Alchemy Potion Seller

Q: What is Gallant Emblems?
A: Gallant Emblems t are special item that is required to make Shoulder equips and 130 equips. They can be traded through BP at PvP Arena.

Q: Ores doesn't from monsters. Is this a glitch?
A: Monster do not drop any ore now. You can only obtain through Mining

Q: Which Profession Skill is the best?
A: All of them are good and there is no best. Choose whichever you think it will benefit you.

Q: How can you get Item Crystal without being Alchemist?
A: You can either buy from Maplers or find a disassembling machine.

[i]Credit: Ellin Forest Members for sharing information for this guide and hoeckxie for few pictures from GMST.[/i]

[i]Please do not post this guide somewhere else without any permission from the author. [/i]
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So if I wanted to make one of those dark angel rings what profession would I need?
Jun 28 2011
Like it says, "Accessory Crafting ables you to create different kinds of accessories. You can create belts, earrings, **rings**, face accessories, pendents, shoulder pads.
Jun 28 2011
Alright thanks Ive been wanting confirmation for awhile now.
Jun 28 2011
umm...what does combining rly do?
does it increase stat? 0.0

so you can combine hundreads and hundreads of leather shoe until its somehow godly?[/quote]

Combining just makes the 2 equip into 1 with chance of making it unidentified (and of course stat will be random)
Jun 28 2011
yes, you are correct
Jun 28 2011
SnailPoo Level 41 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art SnailPoo is intoSnailPoo
Which 2 skills are the most Beneficial?
Jun 28 2011
whoa thats just awsome.

can you combine, as for example, blue bazura with black bazura? (as in does colour matter?)
and what happes if u fail?[/quote]

colour does matter so if you have blue other equip have to be blue and if you fail you still get the equip with random stat but no unidentified potential
Jun 28 2011
nice guide i wanna be a miner, accessory dude!
Jun 28 2011
Magic Powders can be obtained from failing to craft ores into plate and they are used for Alchemy to make potions
Jun 28 2011
Wow. This is a great guide. Thanks for sharing it!
Jun 28 2011
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