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Where to get GALLANT EMBLEM?

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Danvers Level 219 Windia Bishop
Is it a PvP reward? (cant try PvP cuz i DC everytime -.-) It says "gifted by the god of war"... O.e?
Anyone knows?
Posted: June 2011 Permalink


Dont you buy them with BP points and use them to buy PvP items from some npc. I don't know I'm not in tespia.
Jun 18 2011
krieger64 Level 104 Mardia Blade Lord
You do pvp for bp and trade that in for gallant emblems.
500 bp =1
Jun 18 2011
paladin92 Level 174 Elnido Bishop
I believe it's 2500 BP for 7 Emblems, so the ratio for the last one is 357/1. Just saying for clarification reasons.[/quote]

yeah it 2500 BP for 7 Emblems
Jun 18 2011

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