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Does anyone have an accessory crafting guide?

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Jun 28 11
Scania Mihile 2
One that will let us get to level 10 within the time limit?
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Jun 28 11
Khaini Buccaneer
1. Gather the needed items
2. Craft it

Seriously, you will get a full tutorial when you start the game after chaos
Jun 28 11
Broa Marksman
time limit?
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Jun 28 11
Galicia Blade Master
... what time limit. if you mean fatigue limit, there is no possible way to get to lvl 10 with a max of 100 fatigue points
Jun 28 11
Scania Night Lord
bender: time limit?

There's a profession event. If you get to level 4 accessory, you get angelic ring recipe. If you get to level 10, you get dark angelic ring recipe.
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Jun 28 11
Khaini Wild Hunter 4
Silversmart: in another word, u need to buy those ridiculous fatigue pots
i dunno if alchemist can make fatigue pots

Alchemist cannot make any I believe, you get it from a npc in profession town.

You can only get max of 2 fatigue potions. Best potion is the one that removes 10 fatigue.

Besides you lose 5 fatigue every hour and at midnight the fatigue points reset to 0(reference from kms, not gms on this part)
Jun 28 11
Khaini Dark Knight
Silversmart: in another word, u need to buy those ridiculous fatigue pots
i dunno if alchemist can make fatigue pots

The pots are only 300k so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Jun 28 11
Scania Buccaneer
the thing is you can also find the recipe from monsters, plus this update just is the revamp of DBs, Arans, and Evens. So don't worry you still have to to think of ways to get to lvl10
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Jun 28 11
Windia Evan 10th Growth
well, from level 1-2, just make that cheap ring that's level 40ish. it takes like opal or silver I think...
So 5 of those would get you to level 2. cause to get to level 2 is 500 points.

Sorry, I don't know much cause I didn't do tespia for very long. That's the best I can tell you.
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Jun 28 11*
Galicia Blade Master
Silversmart: they cant and you have a limit of 3 pots per day
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