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wont let me put sp in 4th job

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Jun 30 11
Galicia Angelic Buster 4
I tried putting some sp on the BF n sharpness but it kept on saying tht "previous skill insufficient"
so I used my sp scroll n I fixxed my build n I wasn't able 2 put any sp on 4th job skill

I'm I only the 1 tht has this problem or does someelse does 2?
plz help =D
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Jun 30 11
Khaini Blade Master
hmm maybe put some points in previous job skill.

more helpful if u count how many skill points u shud have in 4th job first.
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Jun 30 11
Windia Paladin
OMG Same here! Please report this to nexon, I've gotten many people to report this today already. We need more! I'm missing 6SP from 3rd and 3 from 4th. You are defiantly not the only one my friend.
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Jun 30 11
Scania Blade Recruit
really? happened the same for me but i had to put all my sp on other job besides the first and where u dont put triple stab and i was able to put all my sp left to my 4th job.. but now i didnt count if nexon gave me the 5 extra point that i bought from cashshop skillbook lvl 157
Jun 30 11
Windia Paladin
I need more people to report this issue. I haven't been able to lvl for months because of this...
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Jun 30 11
Windia Kaiser 4
I had more sp then i had b4
Jun 30 11
Scania Evan 5th Growth
You didnt use all the SP on previous jobs. There is a glitch where you can start adding 4th job skills even before you use all the 3rd job SP, but when you run out of 4th job SP, you will still have that remaining 3rd job SP and you MUST use it on 3rd job or lower before you can add any more 4th jobb next time you level up
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Jun 30 11
Khaini Evan 10th Growth
You have to make sure you added all sp to previous jobs.
i put in my sp just fine.
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Jun 30 11
Khaini Blade Recruit
i got extra 4 points in 4th job XD from nx books idk what you talking about
Jun 30 11
Windia Blade Master
I got an extra 1 SP for 4th job
Most likely it's because you didn't put enough SP into the previous skills. Try doing the math =O
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