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Maplestory Traits: which things give what traits?

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Jul 05 11
Bellocan Bishop
So there's ambition, empathy, insight, willpower, dilligence, and charm.
I want to know what gives each one (other than "harvesting herbs", "mining", or whatever. (at lvl 5, they give the first bonus.)
So far, I know:
ambition- killing bosses, higher lvled bosses give more.
empathy- James whereabouts 2 (mushroom kingdom), quest where you give the lost mushroom boy (...) a helmet gives 20 empathy. A lot of the Korean Folk Town quests give empathy.
insight- one of scarrs's (mushroom kingdom scholar) quests (one of the earlier ones) gives 20 insight. the last quest of chil sung (or was it chil nam) in korean folk town gives 20 insight (this is the quest when you heal chil nam/sung with the old fox's tail or something... also gives 15 fame i think)
willpower- completing party quests (includes mu lung dojo solo, every 5 rounds gives 3, then 6, then 9, etc.); growing to lvl 3 mining got me some willpower, i don't remember how much
diligence- over the walls 3 (mushroom kingdom quest, 30 intoxicated pig tails) gives 15 dilligence.
charm- wearing cash shop items; fame

That's all I know for now. Please add to the list, but try not to repeat.
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Jul 05 11
Galicia Buccaneer
Amibtion (can be increased by hunting bosses)
Increase in PvP damage
Increase in ignoring the monsterís defense
Decrease in EXP upon death

Empathy (can be increased by collecting herbs)
Increase in MP
Increase in quest EXP

Insight (can be increased by mining and revealing the hidden potential of items)
Increase in accuracy
Increase in avoidability
The ability to show the hidden potential of an item using a free magnifying glass

Willpower (can be increased by completing party quests, by gaming time and by leveling up profession skills)
Increase in HP
Increase in physical defense
Increase in magic defense
Resistant to statuses

Dilligence (can be increased by creating equips/items)
Increase in the success rate of scrolls
Increase in the success rate of getting double the skill mastery you earn

Charm (Charm can be increased by equipping/using cash items and when your fame goes up)
Increase of a new equip slot (pocket slot)
Facial expression rewards
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Jul 05 11
You can get insight by revealing potentials on items. Higher level the magnifying glass, the more insight you get regardless of the equip level. Just hunt some snails and reveal the potentials on the equip drops with the 32k one for 8 insight.
Jul 05 11
KradiaGMS Dragon Knight
Insight can be increased by quests. All those quests asking Perion people about Stumpy, Icarus's quiz...
Jul 05 11*
Scania Aran 4
Or you could have opened your professions tab, and moved your mouse over the traits on the top chart*.

I'm just more confused on how I already have points in the mining one. What, did we automatically get points if we had maker skill?
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Jul 05 11
Oh yeah, the John & Sabitrama JQ's give like 200-400 willpower each. Just the actual quests though, so you can only do them once.
Jul 05 11
Bellocan Mercedes 4
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Jul 05 11*
Bera Cannoneer 3
if we did the quests long time ago will we still get this or not?
Jul 05 11
Scania F/P Arch Mage
you can just get willpower just by staying online
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Jul 05 11
ElNido Paladin

you can link southperry now? lol
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