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Jul 08 11
Scania Beast Tamer Hawk
So I been wondering, which pet equips should get if I am a evan?

Hmm I like to boss and grind so I think this is what I should get:

Auto HP bag
Mesos magnet
Item bag
Wings shoes

Are any of those useless or is that a create combination....
Or should I go for the MP pot instead.
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Jul 08 11
Bellocan Marksman
Auto Hp is best for training and bossing. Others I don't find interesting.
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Jul 08 11
Khaini Wild Hunter 4
WillSu: Hmm I like to boss and grind

...obviously the hp and mp sack first, any extras get meso magnet and item pouch...then continue from there...
Jul 08 11
Scania Beast Tamer Hawk
Basically I'm planning on getting a corgi puppy pet when it comes out. Heard it was perm and had a pet equip...

Don't know if scrolls come with it

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