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Jul 12 11
Bellocan Luminous 4
Anyone seen fish tank chairs? If so, how many in each server?
i have 1 in zenith, im just wondering if this chair is rare or common from gachapon
Jul 12 11
Broa Blade Recruit
Saw 2 in Broa for 2.1bil and 1.2bil.
Jul 12 11
Mardia Blade Lord
Haven't seen before.
Jul 12 11
Bellocan Luminous 4
hmm i bought 1 for 450m i hope it stays rare
Jul 12 11
Galicia Rogue
so far i've only seen 1 in scania
Jul 12 11
Windia Shadower
seen around 5 people sitting in it in Windia
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Jul 12 11
Galicia Bishop
Only saw 1 in galicia
Jul 12 11
Bellocan Luminous 4
ahh i just dont want it to spread like wildfire as long as only a handful of people have it im keeping it, anyone know how long has it been out in gacha?

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