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Jul 13 11
Scania Aran 3
So a little nooby questions, how can i make monster crystals after the artisans stuff, still have to make them with "Maker skill"? does maker skill still alive or they took it? Thanks.
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Jul 13 11
Windia Aran 4
You need to be an alchemist and extract them from equips, oooor you can pay a fee and use an extractor from a player that is an alchemist, you need equips matching the level to get crystals. EX lv 30 equips give lv 30 crystals
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Jul 13 11
Windia Priest
the crystals' description says what level equips will give you that type of crystal when you break them down.
Jul 13 11
Bera Cannoneer 3
Monster crystals are useless now

they are called item crystals

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