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Do any profession classes make magic powders

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spookdy Level 184 Windia Corsair
The flowers herbalists collect say they turn into magic powders. Is this true? A lot of alchemist pots need magic powders, especially after lv 2.
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Lollzer Level 131 Broa Demon Slayer 4
I made magic powder. Well not no purpose. I was melting ores and al of a sudden i gained a green magic powder instead of a dex crystal i was making.
Jul 13 2011
spookdy Level 184 Windia Corsair
ahh, so the other professions make magic powders. thanks for that.
Jul 13 2011
i gained a bunch of blue magic powder from refining sapphires.
Jul 13 2011
Its a random item you get from crafting/smithing. I've gotten Blue/Yellow before. In fact, I was making a topaz and instead of getting the jewel, it gave me a yellow powder.
Jul 13 2011
Yeah, whenever you smelt ore there is a chance of getting a magic powder of the corresponding level. For instance today I just smelted 99 adamantium ore and ended up with 30 adamantium plates and 3 brown magic powders.
Jul 15 2011

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