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How can i get a dragon khanjar

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i JUST got my first 4th job adv! but now i need a dkhanjar :O i have 80m and i need to turn that into a dkhanjar im clueless. how can i get enough mesos to get one?
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Use Golden Temple to your advantage![/quote]

i got to GT for 1.5hrs and only got a bunch of maple items. no timeless or scrolls. i feel so unlucky
Jul 22 2011
3moRaccoon Level 186 Mardia Paladin
@thechochris: Sell the maple weapons! 1-10 mil each! If you get about a hundred of them, that over 100 mil.. its worth it. Great Exp, free weapons, and when u sell them, u get money!
Jul 22 2011
What? He offered advice, wished him luck and you call him a troll?[/quote]

some people lie and tell they get droped from higher lvl mob thats why he might called him troll
Jul 22 2011
ive never seen a ss of it dropping and before the monster book was removed i checked extractions on drops
dragon khanjar WAS NOT on any monster drops
the only reason why it would be dropping now is if it was a change after monsterbook was removed
extractions cant show drops anymore without the monster book data T_T

but seirously, id like a ss instead of my friend said so reason cause that usually wastes hours of hunting
Jul 22 2011
Go back in time to sometime before bb when no one really baught either khanjars and they sold for super cheap.
Jul 22 2011
You don't NEED one. You WANT one. Learn the difference.[/quote]

the only reason now im still playing MS is so that i can get a DKhanjar, so yes, i do NEED one. it is critical to my maplestory life that i get one
Jul 22 2011
No, you just want it. You NEED a computer to play MapleStory. You don't NEED a Dragon Khanjar.[/quote]

what im saying is, my "maplestory life" now solely depends on me getting a dkhanjar.. so, i NEED one in order to retain my "maplestory life"....
Jul 27 2011
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