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How do I get to El Nath

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I know that sounds nooby but i haven't been there since pre big bang so i forgot.

Oh and without going down the whole tower.
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setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
the tower is now the only way, even if you have to go through aquadium you have to pass the tower
Jul 24 2011
It's not really that bad going down the tower. With down jump, it takes like 3 minutes.
Jul 24 2011
Go to orbis. Then head to the tower and go down. Or. Go to orbis, head to mu lung and go to herb town. Then go to aqua then head to the tower. It's much faster takes a lot more money.
Jul 24 2011
Go to Orbis, enter Orbis tower. Keep on down jumping until the Orbis Wing Symbol on the top left corner is replaced by a Snowflake. Then use a return scroll and you should be in El Nath. Your minimap must be in the largest form for you to do this.
Jul 24 2011
I was wondering how i could get the rock scrolls?
Jul 24 2011
Just down jump to like the 8th floor (or whatever floor you start to see ice everywhere) and use a town scroll. Long time ago you couldn't even use a town scroll while in the tower so you're lucky now.
Jul 24 2011
Bluejax Level 185 Scania Hero
I was wondering how i could get the rock scrolls?[/quote]
You can buy them from the fm, well that's the fastest way to get em
Jul 24 2011
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