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20 Mateon tentacles in Broa

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lilp12odi9y Level 110 Scania Dawn Warrior 4
Since when did the 3rd job adv require us to hunt 20 mateon tentacles?
That being said, does anybody in Broa have 20 they can give/sell to me
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go to ludi.... then go down eos tower and then go hunt mateons.... i did the same thing.... took a while though loll
Jul 31 2011
Get 8 Eos Rock scrolls, and you will be fine. I did it just then
Jul 31 2011
quiksilver05 Level 147 Bera Bishop
I saw a similar thread to this one, good thing I remembered to stock up 20 of those tentacles for the 3rd job advancement on my CK.
Jul 31 2011
lilp12odi9y Level 110 Scania Dawn Warrior 4
Will anyone sell me 20 for a mil?
Jul 31 2011

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