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20 Mateon tentacles in Broa

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Since when did the 3rd job adv require us to hunt 20 mateon tentacles?
That being said, does anybody in Broa have 20 they can give/sell to me
lilp12odi9yiitsSHINY - Level 110 Scania
Posted: July


go to ludi.... then go down eos tower and then go hunt mateons.... i did the same thing.... took a while though loll
Jul 31 2011
Get 8 Eos Rock scrolls, and you will be fine. I did it just then
Jul 31 2011
I saw a similar thread to this one, good thing I remembered to stock up 20 of those tentacles for the 3rd job advancement on my CK.
quiksilver05RaidenTX - Level 147
Jul 31 2011
Since the age of heroes update....
* Cygnus Knights now require 20 Mateon Tentacles during their 3rd job advancement quests.

Also the VIP Taxi in Ludi can take you down the Omega, so there is no need to climb or get rock scrolls
Jul 31 2011
Will anyone sell me 20 for a mil?
lilp12odi9yiitsSHINY - Level 110 Scania
Jul 31 2011

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