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Aug 04 11
(im in windia) now i know all exp hair is just random, but is it just me, or does like the majority of the girls in this game have this hair?
is easier to get? or what? i always see lower lvl girls with this hair too (lvls 40-80). just wondering xD

  • darling diva henseys exp hair*
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Aug 04 11
More people just try to get it.
Did you really think that people just buy one EXP ticket and end things there?
Heavens forbid, no...
Aug 04 11 darling diva
and i agree with humanmango, we just keep on going to get what we want
Aug 04 11
Scania Marksman
Yes, many girls have Darling Diva. Popular hair in Maple.
Think of it as people following some trend, of because it looks good to the general public (converse shoes, abercombie top, etc)
MapleStory Screen: At the basil park
Aug 04 11
Humanmango: I've seen people use over 50k NX in one run trying to get it. Oh my...
Aug 04 11
So many people get it because it's so popular here.
The low levels have it because they just heneho.
Aug 04 11
aww okay thanks guys i really want exp hair, but i cant offord anything more then like 10-25 nx.
so i guess ill just save up xD. Thank you guys for your info, btw im newish to maple
Aug 04 11
Windia Bishop
darling diva makes me laugh, but my best friend has it, she's not like the regular stereotypical drama-magnets in henesys that wear it. so imma just say I like it on a few people.
Aug 05 11*
Everytime I see the darling diva, I just laugh. TOO many people have it and probably 90% are henehoes.
LOL and I just noticed that almost all the hair of the characters in this post are different colors
Aug 05 11
haha true just noticed that
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