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Silent Crusade Guide

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AngelPersona Level 134 Zenith Wild Hunter 4
The Silent Crusade Guide, with alot of errors on the rewards, but thats not the point D:

Q1: What is the Silent Crusade
A: They are an organization focused on killing special monsters called "Master Boss" Master Boss have their own map, with a tornado as a portal to the boss map.

Q2: What do the coins do?
A: Coins allow you to upgrade your medal, starting with 30 coins, 50, 70, 100, 150, Etc.

Q3: Whats so important about upgrading your medal?
A: Each Medal gives better and better stats and with each upgrade, a new item will be unlocked in the Silent Crusade Shop

Q4: Whats the Silent Crusade Shop?
A: It is a shop that only Crusaders can use, and the higher your rank, the more items you can buy.

Q5: What does Sodane do?
A:After completing a master Boss quest, Sodane will give you a one per day quest to kill that boss again for coins.

  1. You will have a guy, Wence, talk to you, he will ask you to meet him in Perion.

Once he teleports you to him, He will tell you what the Silent Crusade does: Take out Master Bosses.
Reward: 5 Coins, Silent Crusader Medal and Crusader Recruit Ring I

He will then tell you to defeat Lord Skeleton.
Head on over to the Excavation Area and keep going right.
Upon reaching the map with the skeleton Commanders. (Horse riding Skeletons), you will see a NPC there, talk to it, and you will be transported to a map with a lone girl standing there, she introduces herself as Sheryl
Kill Lord Skeleton, and report back to Wence in Perion.

Reward: 1 coin

  1. Talk to Wence, he will tell you to go kill King Clang in Florina Beach.
Head on over to Florina beach from Nautilus Harbor, and head on right.
Once at Florina Beach, head on right to a big map with a NPC on the top.
Now, the NPC will NOT let you in unless your in a party, so just make a one man party and head on in.
Kill King Clang and report back to Wence.

Reward: 3 Coins and the Crusader Recruit Ring II

  1. Talk to Wence, he will tell you that Victoria Monsters are too easy for you, report to Orbis to continue.

Reward: 5 Coins

  1. Head to Orbis and talk to Wence there, he will want you to kill Pixiemom.
Head to the Pixie area, and work your way down right til you get to another big map with the NPC at the bottom right.
Kill and report back.

Reward: 5 Coins and a Crusader Recruit Ring III

  1. Talk to Wence, he'll want you to meet your Sponsor, Bastille, he is in El Nath to the way right. Talk to him. He's quite the joker.

Reward: 7 Coins

  1. Talk to Wence, and he'll tell you to defeat Queen Pepe.
Head to Ice Field II where all the Dark Pepe's are and head into the portal.
Kill Queen Pepe and report back.

Reward: 7 Coins and a Fine Crusader Ring I

  1. Wence tells you to kill Eliza, head over to the map with all the Lucidas. Go to the portal on the left.
Kill Eliza and head back to Wence.

Reward: 9 Coins and a Fine Crusader Ring II

  1. Wence wants you to move to Ludibrium.

Reward: 9 Coins

  1. Wence wants you to kill Toy Black Soldier
Head to the right from the teddies and enter the portal.
Kill and report back.

Reward: 11 Coins Fine Crusader Ring III

  1. Wence wants you to go to Korean Folk Town and kill the Nine Tailed Fox.
Head on down there and enter Moon Ridge, enter the portal and kill.
Report back

Reward: 11 Coins

  1. Wence wants you to Kill Timer.
Go down to the Tick Map, and enter the portal from the bottom right
Kill and report back.

Reward: 13 Coins

  1. Wence tells you that while Starling was injured, she recklessly went after Xeno, the Gray Boss. Go get her back
Head to Omega Sector, and head to the bottom part of the crossroad.
Head to the way left where Chief Grays and Ultra Grays reside, enter the portal from the top.
Kill Xeno and report back.

Reward: 13 Coins and a Mighty Ring I

  1. Wence will want you to report to Ariant.

Reward:15 coins

  1. Talk to Wence, he wants you to kill Deo, head to the farthest right portal, and go to the Earmuff monsters, enter the portal.
Kill and report back.

Reward: 15 coins and a Mighty Ring II

  1. Wence wants you to head to Magatia and talk to Starling, which is in the map full of triple Rumos.
Head to the left base, and enter the map with Triple Rumos.
Enter the portal and talk to Starling, kill Rurumo.
Report Back.

Reward: 18 Coins and a Mighty Ring III

  1. Wence wants you to kill D. Roy.
Head to the right base, and go to C-3 Map, enter the bottom right, where Starling is waiting for you.
Kill D.Roy and exit the portal. But wait! Rocks fall towards you, and Starling calls for you to take her hand.
After being rescued, talk to Starling once more, and report back to Wence.

Reward: 21 Coins and a Heroic Crusader Ring I

  1. Wence wants you to go to Mu Lung.

Reward: 23 Coins

  1. Wence wants you to kill the Cat Sage.
Head to Goblin Forest 2, and enter the portal.
Kill and report back.

Reward: 23 coins and a Heroic Crusader Ring II

  1. Wence has told you that the Organization wants Starling on charges of treason! Go to King Centipede and find out.
Head over to the right of Herb Town and enter the portal
Talk to Starling, and fight the boss
Report back

Reward: 25 coins and a Heroic Crusader Ring III

  1. Wence wants you to go to Leafre, he will teleport you there.

Reward:27 coins.

  1. Wence wants you to kill Master Hoblin
Head to the left of Leafre, and head to the Hoblin Map, enter the portal on the top.
Kill and report back

Reward:27 coins and a Legendary Ring

  1. Wence has told you that Beetle Forest is the next place you should go to.
Head on over there, and meet with Starling and Bastille!
It turns out, Bastille had a bet with how long you were going to last, he had planted a trap at D.Roy to kill you there, therefore letting him win the bet and take all the money! Fortunately, Starling found out saved you from that trap.
Bastille will then proceed to shoot you, only to have Starling run forward and take the bullet for you.
While you talk to her, encouraging her to stay awake, Bastille will then unleash Coco on you,
Fight Coco, and the questline will be done. After killing Coco, talk to Starling, and then head back to Wence.

Reward:33 Coins and a Crusader Zeal Ring. A neat ring that gives 2 wep and mag atk, 2% bonus exp while hunting, and a few other less useful stats.

Wence will tell you that Starling has left the SIlent Crusade to train and he will tell you the message she has given.

"I...Hate this!... I Hate you!"

Now before you can go hunt the girl down and propose to her or shoot her, remember this, you can never find her again,

On a separate note, the introduction of the Silent Crusade has also brought back the Monster book, renamed the Crusader Codex.

The Crusader Codex now requires one card from a monster, and you can read up about the monster. Getting the cards can be very easy.
Completing a set will grant you a set bonus when equipped, so go rename yourself Ash Ketchum and get all those cards!
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Aranmurder Level 147 Windia Hero
Theres 7 more quests after that but nexon forgot to put it in
Aug 12 2011
aran4life Level 181 Windia Zero Transcendent
what jony said
Aug 12 2011
Theninja2777 Level 169 Scania Corsair
The nexon website says that the extra 7 quests don't actually exist, they were a designer error.
Aug 12 2011 made one before I did.
well..I didn't even play yesterday so whatever.
you can have the spotlight ^^
Aug 12 2011
Natsuchii Level 151 Scania Bishop
You have to be level 110 for Coco
Aug 12 2011
alexfong1324 Level 143 Windia Bow Master
The last 7 quests dont exist. The Crusader Quest line are 25 quests not 32
Aug 12 2011
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