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Aug 16 11
Windia Hero
anyone got info how to get mark of squad 1,2
3 drops from horntail party quest.
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Aug 16 11*
ElNido F/P Arch Mage
i think its so you dont have to redo the pq again for the HT prereq? I'm not sure but you also need the 3 beginning bosses (Zak, Pianus, PAP) certificates as well.

*OH, to get those badges, you have to do the pq and i think the monsters drop them
Aug 16 11
Windia Hunter
I think they all drop from monsters in HTPQ. Been a while since I got mine though.
Aug 16 11
Mardia Bow Master
The badges are obtained inside horntail PQ by killing the mobs inside. You will need a full party of 6 people to start the PQ. It is located inside horntail cave which can only be access after completeing the transformation quest from tat chick locked in the cage at horntail cave entrance.
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