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Aug 16 11
Broa Blade Recruit
Title^^ I know there are quests but when i click those 2 npcs. They dont have quests. 1 of them says upgrade your medal and the other says nothing.
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Aug 16 11
Windia F/P Arch Mage
You gotta wait a day before you can repeat the quests.
MapleStory Screen: Silver coin
Aug 16 11
Broa Blade Recruit
I havent even done them once
Aug 17 11
Windia Blade Recruit
where are the npcs?
Aug 17 11*
Broa Evan 8th Growth
You can buy them individually from Olaf for 100k per coin in Lith Harbor. No, Sodane has daily quests you can do over again that give you a specific amount depending on what boss monster you kill. You also of course get them from doing the mainstream quests received from Wence.
Aug 17 11
Broa Shadower
The quest starts in Perion
Aug 17 11
Windia Blade Lord
the npcs are in every town
Aug 17 11
Broa Bishop
You need to complete the quest chain (gaining coins as you go) before you can do the repeatable quests for more coins. As mentioned above, the quest starts with the Wence NPC in Perion (the NPCs in different locations aren't the same). Afterwards you can get repeatable kill quests from Sodane to get more coins (once per day).

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