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Legend DPS Chart

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Updated to 0.03.

v0.03 Download link (.xlsm, Excel 2007+ only):
v0.03 Download link (.xls, compatible with earlier versions of Excel):

Chaos DPS Chart:

Sample default images:

Disclaimer: This chart is highly theoretical. All calculations are based off spamming (an) attack(s) on an immobile, non-damaging boss. Non-calculable and factors impractical to calculate have not been considered, and several assumptions have been made for simplicity. Therefore, actual results will vary heavily, and judgments should not be made solely based off the output of this chart.

Instructions: Use the Options sheet for customization. The output is dynamic and will change as you change settings on the Options sheet. The Options sheet should be self-explanatory. Input your own class into the "Base Class" line. This class will be used for all relative comparisons, and the calculations of all other classes will be based on the class designated as the base class. Even if the base class cannot use a piece of equipment specified, such as a shield, input those stats according to the strength of other classes you would like to compare yourself to. When inputting stats, include non-% potential and blessing ring buffs. Buffs automatically work for their original classes. Sample inputs are available at the bottom right of the sheet. If macros are turned on, fields will be updated when the command button is pressed.

Notes: This is still a work in progress, so please help by posting any issues or mistakes you may find in the thread on or I am certain this chart has many inaccuracies in it, so please do not use this for practical purposes until it is complete. Suggestions (features, formatting, etc.) are also welcome.
Every class is assumed be equipped with their endgame equipment, including VIP and elemental weapons. For simplicity, violet snowshoes and strong machine gloves are assumed, and minor scroll discrepancies are ignored.

Special Thanks
Dusk for creating the first Big Bang calculator
Fiel for providing skill data
Hidden Street for providing equipment data
Members of for providing information on game mechanics

Known Issues
Demon slayer mechanics are not fully known. The chart represents a very rough estimation.
Double lucky dice is unaccounted for.
Ring of ishtar activate/deactivate time may be inaccurate. The delay is currently estimated at 300 milliseconds.
Magnetic anchor, Support monkey twins, and Elemental knight attack speeds may be inaccurate.
Satellite safety may be additive to robot mastery. It is currently assumed to be multiplicative.
Battleship mount/dismount time may be inaccurate. The delay is currently estimated at 800 milliseconds.
Some sample inputs are subjective and have been chosen somewhat arbitrarily. Let me know if there is a significant discrepancy or bias.

Change Log
v0.03 - Fixed base class, bishop arcane aim added, Chaos comparison added
v0.02 - Fixed compatibility issues, useful combat orders added, elemental knights fixed, hand cannon multiplier fixed, phantom imprint fixed
v0.01 - released
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well we all know nexon long enough to see that they always change the top dmg dealers, so the ppl keep making new chars and spend more $$ in this game.
Why dont u guys just screw all formulas and dmg calculations and just play the class u want.

OT: cool clac.
Aug 23 2011
MangosOnTheWeb Level 152 Arcania Bishop
Yep, Pirates and thieves officially suck after everyone else got buffed. The bottom 5 are pirates and thieves, and then corsair comes in at 7th worst. I bet the update will push them to near the top.
Aug 23 2011
its DPS guys, not DPM, this means that highest damage a second, for eg. the strongest atk the class has eg genesis.[/quote]

Like many Basillers you confuse Damage Per Second with Burst Damage, I do not blame you of course.
Aug 26 2011
Well, NL dropped from 4th to last from 2nd to last and buccs stayed in last. We still pwn though =)
Sep 02 2011
From what I've read from the list

Demon Slayer
FP Mage
IL Mage
Dark Knight
Wild Hunter
Battle Mage
Blade Master
Buccanner** [/quote]

bottom three

**Nightlord Bishop Buccanner**


**Nightlord Bishop Buccanner**

**Nightlord Bishop Buccanner**

Bucc/NL ravamp anyone?
Sep 02 2011
This is disgusting. The sheer amount of power Mercedes have is straight up ridiculous. They hit AT LEAST twice as much as almost every other class. No wonder a bunch of people are quitting and making them. The bandwagon looks justified.
Sep 02 2011
Im sure the bucc update will come sometime around when Skynet activates and becomes self aware.[/quote]

good one!
Sep 02 2011
So basically this chart is inaccurate so why bother?
Sep 02 2011
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