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quotCannot find mss32.dll. Please reinstall this applicationquot
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Aug 28 11
Broa Jett 2
I keep getting this message when I try to open maple. I tried reinstalling twice, but I keep getting the same message. I googled it, and a bunch of websites come up with a download for it, but I'm not sure if they're safe. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

Hehe, my title got messed up.
Aug 28 11
Bellocan Kaiser 4
Your files could be corrupted, and try Right Click > Run As Administrator when something doesn't work (if you can) just as a rule of thumb, even if you're the Administrator. The Set-Up sucks and glitches up sometimes.
Aug 28 11*
Broa Jett 2
This message pops up when I use gamelauncher& the website. I always run as an admin when using gamelauncher.

above Is it safe? Since GK is a hacker forum I believe.

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