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Normal Zakum Thread

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ContagiousSmile Level 201 Broa Bishop

Since there are a lot of reoccurring threads on Zakum, many of which addressing similar issues, I just decided to write a general post describing what the [i]Normal[/i] Zakum prerequisites and run is like. Hopefully, many of the topics covered here will answer any frequently asked questions, and if not, somebody can just ask here rather than create a new thread altogether. Not all the information in this post will be completely accurate, so any input/feedback you happen to have will be greatly appreciated! (:
Warning -- the thread is quite lengthy. If you're searching for something specific, it may just be easier to click CTRL + F & search for what you need instead.

[Header]The Basics - Prequests[/Header]
There are 3 prequests required for completion before you can join a Zakum run. Altogether, the combined 3 quests may take hours and will involve lots of patience and dedication. Every participating member of a Zakum run must have completed all 3 quests. Part 1 of the prequest involves searching for keys and documents in a mine. Part 2 is a difficult jump quest consisting of 2 maps. Part 3 requires the collection of 30 Zombie's Gold Teeth, which can be obtained through monsters level 132 in the Dead Mine.

[Header]Heading to the Door of the Zakum[/Header]
To start off the Zakum Prequest, talk to your Third Job Instructor. Do not forget to do this step, as Adobis will not allow you to complete the prequests unless you have your 3rd Job Instructor's "consent". If you are at least level 50, your instructor should approve of you. Next, head over to the Door to the Zakum. Take the Danger Cab Taxi and then keep heading upwards. Through Sharp Cliffs I-IV, you can simply change channels to appear at the top of the map. This is handy if you are relatively low leveled and may be inflicted a lot of damage by the monsters along the way. Maps you should pass include Sharp Cliffs I-IV, Dangerous Cliff, Wolves' Territory I-III, Forest of Dead Trees I-IV, and then once you enter Dead Mine, keep moving through the portals until you reach the Door to the Zakum. Begin your prequest by talking to Adobis. (Please beware there are many monsters that inflict quite high damage on the way to the Zakum. Always watch your HP.)

[Header]Part 1 - Unknown Dead Mine[/Header]
This is one of the relatively easier parts of the Zakum Prequest. It may be confusing for those doing the prequest for the first time, but it's quite easy to get. You have 30 minutes to complete this section of the prequest and you are allowed to enter as a party. Adobis will send you into an Unknown Dead Mine and your job is to locate the 7 keys and a few documents. You should see several mine entrances, however, each mine entrance actually resembles a room number. Here are the rooms named from left to right. (An image reference will be added in the future)

3-1 (Top left), 4-1, 5-1, 6-1 (Top right)
2-1 (Second row from top, left), 14-1, 15-1, 7-1 (Second row from top, right)
1-1 (Second row from bottom, left), 13-1, 8-1 (Second row from bottom, right)
12-1 (Bottom Left), 11-1, 10-1, 9-1 (Bottom right)

The key locations are in the following rooms:
4-2 (rock), 9-2, 11-1, 14-1, 16-2, 16-3, 16-5 (rock)

Once you enter the rooms, attack the treasure chests to obtain the keys (unless otherwise specified). In rooms 4-2 and 16-5, attack the rocks instead. Not all chests drop keys. Sometimes, they will summon monsters, warp you back to the Unknown Dead Mine, or simply do nothing. If any paper documents happen to drop, be sure to collect them as well!
It is suggested to complete room 16-5 last. Why? There is a giant treasure chest that you will need to open by dropping all the obtained keys. He will drop something you will need to collect. Completing room 16-5 last is simply a matter of convenience.
To reach rooms 16-2, 16-3 and 16-5, you will need to enter room 10-1, proceed to 10-2, and then you will appear in room 16.
It is much faster to enter this room with a party and designate a few rooms to each person. Once you collect all keys and documents, talk to the NPC who will give all party members a Piece of Fire Ore. Do not throw away this item.
You are finished with the first part of the prequest!

[Header]Part 2 - Zakum Jump Quest[/Header]
I'm sure we've all heard awful stories about this 2-part jump quest and how rigged it is. However, as difficult as it may seem, keep in mind that [i]thousands[/i] of players have successfully completed this part and you can too. When completing this jump quest, make sure you have a lot of extra time on hand because if you exit the game--whether from d/c or simply from leaving the room, you will have to start all over from the beginning. Patience will be your best friend during this jump quest.

When you fall during the jump quest, the lava will do approximately 200 damage to you every second. Make sure to have plenty of HP pots on hand.
There isn't much to say about the jump quest except that it [i]is[/i] difficult for the average player, as you can see all the threads of complaints on Basil. Have patience and do not rush through the map. There will often be times where you will have to wait for the "perfect timing" when it comes to jumping, especially when there are falling obstacles and such. Observe carefully and you will notice that any falling objects do fall in a somewhat stable pattern. There are better and worse times to jump.

All monsters that you encounter during the JQ can be easily killed. There are two maps to the jump quest, the second being significantly harder than the first. Once you complete both jump quests, you will receive a Breath of Lava from the NPC. Do not drop this item.

[Header]Part 3 - Collecting Zombie's Gold Teeth[/Header]
Collecting 30 Zombie's Gold Teeth probably will be a hassle for many people--and even impossible for those deciding to complete the quest at a level under 100. The monsters that drop these teeth are level 132 and found in Dead Mine. Gold teeth do not drop with every kill--however, they aren't an extremely rare drop either. If you cannot collect 30 gold teeth by yourself or find a friend to help you, you may buy them from the FM. Depending on how lucky you get, they can sell anywhere from 150k-999k each.

Once you have collected all the materials, head back over to Adobis. He will hand you 5 Eye of Fires. You are now done with the Zakum prequests.

[Header]Summary of the Zakum[/Header]
You will have 50 minutes, once entered into the altar, to kill the Zakum. You will need an Eye of Fire to summon the Zakum and to enter the door. If you do not have an Eye of Fire, you will need to obtain one, as you will not be allowed in otherwise. There are 8 arms to the Zakum and 3 bodies. You cannot kill the body until you have finished the arms. Each of the arms have around 20-25mil HP. Running into the arms can do up to 600 damage and magic attacks casted by the arms do about 1.5k damage, depending on your armor & defense. Arm 5 of the Zakum casts curses, including decrease of accuracy, inability to jump, and seal lock. This arm is on the left side. Normal Zakum does [i]not[/i] dispell or seduce.
Arm 6 of the Zakum heals about 50k HP every 30 seconds. It is highly advised that you kill this arm first so that the remaining arms are easier to finish. This arm is on the Zakum's right side.

Once you reach the bodies, the Zakum may start summoning monsters and using 1/1 attacks. 1/1 attacks lower your HP & MP to 1--so make sure that you use reliable potions, preferably elixirs and power elixirs that heal both HP & MP, on hand. Do not depend on a Cleric/Priest/Bishop to heal you, it is your own responsibility to keep yourself alive. All summons by Zakum are relatively easy to kill and will not bother you. Don't waste your time by trying to kill them, let them be. If they really begin to annoy you, request somebody with a full-screen attack to kill them.

The Zakum body will also cancel weapon/magic attack. To make sure that there is always somebody attacking at all times, vary your party members between mages and other attacking classes.

The Zakum body can easily kill many jobs, especially at low levels, in one hit. I believe it does around 3k-8k damage (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). Don't attempt to run across the Zakum body to cross to the other side. There are teleport areas on the top right and left hand corner of the map. If you run into the body and do not instantly pot, there is a very likely chance you will die. In fact, even if you get resurrected, you will most likely immediately die again unless you are spamming power elixirs and end up lucky. If you happen to die on one of the sides of the Zakum's body, there is a slim chance you may get out alive once resurrected. If you die in the middle, don't bother to ask to get resurrected--the chances of you coming back out alive are about 0.1% unless you have enough HP to withstand more than 1 hit from the body. Only exception is when you are attacking the arms. The body will do no damage to you while you are attacking the arms and it is a preferable area to stand for many jobs while attacking the arms.

The Zakum drops a variety of skillbooks (not mastery books), equips, Zakum Certificate, Treebranch and Helmet. Usually, parties will assign a "loot order" to decide who picks up what. Do not loot out of your turn, it will not help your chances into getting into more Zakum runs.

[Header]Getting into the Zakum Altar[/Header]
You may Zakum PQ up to twice a day. Once you enter the Zakum altar it automatically counts as once, even if you did not summon Zakum yet. A day does not refer to 24 full hours--it simply refers to when the clock strikes 12. For example, if you Zakum at 11:10pm and 11:30pm September 1st, you may Zakum again at 12:00am September 2nd.
Entering the Zakum altar is quite a competition, especially when it is crowded with more than one party. Only one expedition can enter the altar at once, and since the only possible channels for Normal Zakum are 4, 5, 6 & 7, it may be difficult to get in. The expedition captain plays a huge role. He/she is the one that is supposed to spam click the NPC to get into the altar. Rather than manually clicking the NPC once the door opens, I recommend placing "NPC Chat" on a key, preferable "Y". The "Y" key in Maplestory signifies "Yes", so you can just try and spam that key while running towards the NPC as quickly as possible. If you have Flash Jump, a mount, or Teleport, use it to get as close to the NPC as possible! Do not bash the expedition captain if you miss a channel--it is not something easy to do.

Another recommended solution is to have one party member on each channel, watching the timer. If you plan to go this route, make sure the expedition captain has separated the party into 6 different parties (drag and drop their names). Why? If you simply change channels from the Door to the Zakum, you will show up in The Passage, and have to walk through 3 annoying maps again. Instead, separate each expedition member into a different party. To change channels, you will have to talk to Adobis, enter the Unknown Mine (Part 1 of the Prequest), and then log out. Log back in on the channel you would like to show up in and then exit the Unknown Mine. With this strategy, you will not have to walk through 3 maps again to change channels everytime you Zakum.

The expedition captain should keep the expedition tab open at all times and be aware of expedition chat. If a member screams out "PASS LEAD", or something of the like, immediately pass over leadership to them, so that they can take a shot at entering through their channel. When you enter the altar, make sure to place everybody under the same party again.

After the battle with the Zakum is over, make sure that not everybody leaves at once. [i]Re-entering the Zakum Altar CAN be easier, if you follow precise timing![/i] First off, an Expedition Captain cannot lead twice in a row. You will be denied entrance and the NPC will tell you that you can't lead twice in the same day. So, before leaving the altar after killing the Zakum, pass over leadership to another party member. Let the Expedition Captain leave first. Let them enter the door and walk next to the NPC. This is because a new party cannot enter the altar unless all previous party members have exited. When the Expedition Captain is ready, he/she should say "Okay, start leaving", and party members should begin to leave the altar one by one. During this time, Expedition Captain should start getting ready to spam-click the NPC. Before the last person leaves the altar, he/she should warn the leader something like, "Okay, I'm the last person and I'm about to leave." This way, your Expedition Captain will have a head's up rather than madly clicking.

[Header]Jobs, Levels, & What to Bring[/Header]
When finding a Zakum party, I recommend recruiting high enough guild and buddy members over strangers. You can trust your guild/BL more than random strangers to not loot everything once the battle is over. However, I'm not saying strangers will randomly loot--if you cannot find people you trust to Zakum with you, you are more than welcome to join a completely new party.

Job Requirements
It doesn't really matter so much what jobs you bring, as long as you are sure that you have enough attacker classes. All jobs are beneficial and can serve different purposes. It is recommended to bring a high enough level Priest or Bishop, as they can decrease the consumption use of any HP pots or all-cures you will typically need. However, this is again optional as the Normal Zakum has become easy enough for people to solo it in merely a few minutes.
Depending on your party, you may decide to vary your members between magicians and other jobs, in case the Zakum decides to use cancel weapon/magic. Usually, this is unnecessary unless the entire party consists of lower levels.

Level Requirements
Although the minimum level is 50, you should not decide to go on a run at that level. Would you go to LHC at level 50? No. (And even if you wanted to, you can't, but that's a different topic. Point is, you don't kill Crockys at 50, don't go for Zakum at 50.) Zakum's 3rd body is level 110 and the chances of your survival are quite slim. Recommended levels are 90-100 if you plan to simply survive and [i]at least[/i] 100+ if you want to attack as well. If you don't have to the very minimum 1.9k HP, don't go! In fact, unless you can get your friends or guildies to drag you along, you probably will have a very hard time finding a decent Zakum party at level 100-.

When it comes to the average level in a party of 6 (most people don't usually bring more than 1 party along to Normal Zakum), I would recommend 120+. If you plan to go with a party of 120-, I would go with more than 6 people. Even so, killing the Zakum might take a long time. A reasonable amount of time to kill Zakum is between 10-25 minutes. Anything beyond shows that you should probably build a stronger party because Zakum should not take that long with a full party.

What Potions to Bring
I would bring elixirs or power elixirs, something that could heal both HP and MP in one click. This is more convenient when it comes to Zakum's 1/1 attacks. Depending on your job and level of your party, you will bring more or less potions. I would not stock up on more than 150 power elixirs, even if it is your first run. Zakum is so common nowadays, you will typically only use a few pots with a decent party. However, if you are in a different situation, for example, you and your party are fairly low-leveled and none of you are very funded, use common sense and stock up on more potions. In fact, if this was the scenario, I would actually recommend leveling up a bit before going. Dying at the Zakum altar sucks, especially when the rest of your party successfully kills it and you have to watch them loot all the good drops.

Bring all cure potions! Some of Zakum's curses are quite annoying. Bringing a Priest or Bishop will definitely lower consumption of all-cures, but bring a few anyway just in case your Priest or Bishop dies. 20-50 all cure potions should be [i]more[/i] than enough for a decent party with a Priest/Bishop. Again, if in doubt, bring more. It never hurts to bring extra potions as you can always use them later on!

Soloing Zakum
Much of this depends on your own specific job, level, HP, funding and attack ranges. Don't go unless you think you are at a decent range to solo. This isn't for the sake of whether you can kill it or not--it's for the sake that sometimes, other parties will have to wait a long time before the door can open, due to people that assume they can solo (but not in a timely manner)!

Also beware, Zakum does not "glitch" when you solo or duo. The Zakum, for some reason, goes crazy with his 1/1, summoning and curses for soloing/duoing members and you will most likely have to bring more pots and all-cures in this situation. It may seem crazy, however with my experience duoing the Zakum, he's gotten to the point of using 1/1 and summoning every other second for over a minute straight. This is not a glitch--it's simply how the Zakum works!

Additionally, you need at least 5 people in your party in order to enter the door. You can find "fillers", people that join the party just so you can get in. Fillers do not have to be online, nor do they have to have completed the prequests. The only requirement to be a filler is that they are level 50+.

[Header]Lagging in the Altar[/Header]
Many different computers may experience computer lag in Zakum. There are a few things you can do to reduce the lag, although it may not get rid of it completely. First, you may try [i]restarting your computer[/i]. Most people don't usually do this unless they're experiencing extreme lag, but you can try anyway before the run. Don't restart during the run--you will not be able to reenter the altar.

[i]Turn off all extra ring/cash shop effects.[/i] Maybe you have a friendship or wedding ring with another party member. Or, you have one of those fancy cash shop effects. Turn them off. They will contribute to lag. Seeing that all those attack frames lag your computer already, why add more to them with useless effects? If a party member requests you to turn off one of your effects, please be courteous and turn it off.

[i]Turn off screen shake, BGM, and lower picture quality.[/i] Go to System > System Options to turn all these off. Turn down picture quality all the way and untick the box that says "Shake up the screen". Screen shake occurs due to certain attacks by certain jobs and will contribute greatly to lag. Completely mute your sound and BGM.

[i]Politely ask your party members to not use full-screen/Ultimate moves.[/i] All those fancy full-screen attacks such as Genesis can lag up a computer so much. Ask your party members to refrain from using this to prevent you from d/cing.

All these tips are in-game tips. Obviously, there are other settings you can adjust with your computer, however I won't get into those.

[Header]Additional Info on Zakum[/Header]
You can only hold 1 Zakum helmet in your inventory at once, even if you are currently equipping one. Dropping a zhelm causes it to disappear. Equipping a new zhelm will gain you a boost of +50 Charm. Going on 1 Zakum run will raise your Ambition level by 275 and you may gain Willpower from doing it too. (In case you are unaware, higher levels of Ambition will give bonuses to ignoring monster defense, battle mode att, and reduce death loss exp. Willpower increases max hp, weapon defense, magic defense and status resistance).

Hopefully, you have gained some sort of knowledge from this incredibly long Zakum thread and have gained more confidence on your first run! If I have any missing/inaccurate information, please let me know. Or, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a response below. (:
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Wow sorry i dont want to
read all that
Sep 02 2011
ih34l4u Level 152 Demethos Bow Master
Great guide, we really needed an updated one ^^.
Sep 02 2011
HeartStation Level 143 Scania Phantom 4
Noob question: If you did all 3 prequests before Bigbang, do you have to do them again now?
Sep 02 2011
ContagiousSmile Level 201 Broa Bishop
Noob question: If you did all 3 prequests before Bigbang, do you have to do them again now?[/quote]
No, you shouldn't. Be sure you have at least 1 Eye of Fire though (:
Sep 02 2011
WhaleKisses Level 174 Mardia Hero
Noob question: Will i obtain any whale items after defeating the ending boss?
Sep 02 2011
lilseventeen Level 165 Broa Shadower
I finally solo'd it for the first time n_n /proud
What's odd is that when I go with others, it rarely does anything and I barely take any damage.
When soloing, it goes full out assault mode. D:
Sep 02 2011
ContagiousSmile Level 201 Broa Bishop
Same with me ): Well, not exactly soloing, but with like one other person, he summons & uses 1/1 literally every other second.
Congratz on soloing! (:

You're better off using a visual aid for stage 1 like -insertlink- Must easier to understand, imo.

Not my picture.[/quote]
I was hesitant about using an image since I didn't know if I was allowed to (not a member for 30 days), but I agree. Thanks! (:
Sep 02 2011
mynamehere Level 135 Scania Phantom 4
Instead of saying a level that you can solo Zak, I think it makes more sense to say what attack range you should have before trying.
Sep 02 2011
DaHermit Level 202 Scania Zero Transcendent
Very nice guide.
Sep 02 2011
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