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How to become funded

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Ok I am sick of being poor. I really want to know how to make at least a bil like everyone else. I have 1.2 mil and im lvl 116 which is sad. Any advice?

I will not merch bronze plates or adam plates, it doesn't work anymore.

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Buy NX.
BUY 10att WGs for 7k.
Sell for 310m ea.
Sep 05 2011
Join a guild that bosses like scar/targa and zakkum.
You could also do the profession of alchemy and fuse items together and hope for good % stats to resell in fm for mesos.
Yes and also read Wists guide.
Sep 05 2011
rockboarder Level 108 Demethos Priest
i have 700mill and i still merch plates... along with %eqs and etc
Sep 05 2011
i forgot to mention im trying to sell a bunch of crap that doesnt seem to sell
like 30 books 5 equips and a mushmom eraser
Sep 05 2011
Here's my story, it's not long, it's only a few days. In just two days, I made 60 mil easily. All you have to do is constantly sell ores and plates, if you have the mining profession. If not, try fusing with alchemy. Always sell high, and if you have to, buy low. When you get tired of that, you probably have made 1 to 2 mil easily. Next, buy some NX, if you can't buy NX, do some surveys. Buy some mount gachapons with the NX you got, and sell each mount that is 90 days for 20 mil ore more. The ones that are permanent can sell for billions. If you don't think your getting enough mesos from the mounts, try the gachapon. Mushroom shirine is the best! Once you get a good item, and people see the green notice, they will start spamming you with offers. Hope this helps.
Sep 05 2011
Finally, some advice that isn't all merching. I know that all people can't buy NX, but if you can, do the thing that someone said earlier, buy 10atks and sell them for mesos, but if you get online NX, that you can't use in MTS, DO NOT BUY GACHAPON TICKETS. I repeat, DO NOT BUY GACHAPON TICKETS. Instead, buy Mount Gachapon Tickets. I bought 6 of them and made 250mil from selling all the mounts I got. They were all 90-day ones. If you get a perm one, you are instantly rich. Probably.
Sep 05 2011
what are the chances of getting a perm mount? what other mounts does it give 7 day?
Sep 05 2011
Well, it depends on how your using it. If you buy gach tickets straight in a row, the chances are you 3rd or 4th may be perm. Just sell the 90 day ones, and if you want more mesos, sell the perm mounts for a bil.
Sep 05 2011
Don't buy mount gachapon tickets nx ratios are like 1:40 so why waste 4.5k ( 180M ) a ticket to get a mount worth like 50M?
Buy 10atk wgs from mts and sell.
Sep 05 2011
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